milroyj, I apologize...

milroyj, back in one of the several dozen GD or Pit threads about Iraq, I made some very nasty comments about you, and your tacit support of shall-we-say unfriendly organizations.

I’m sorry. I was flaming on the subject, but got carried away into what was an unwarranted and inaccurate personal attack. While we disagree on many topics, I should have “played the ball, not the player” as we used to say in England. If you were closer, I’d offer to buy you a drink.

In the tradition of “edit in haste, repent at leisure”, I then asked one of the mods to delete my post (or at least edit out the last inflammatory paragraph), but by then you’d responded and several other people had seen it.
I would have put this in the appropriate thread, but I can’t find it (either I’ve been outwitted by the search function or the hamsters are ganging up on me again).
So I figured the least I could do was put this note where a few people could see it.


I didn’t see the post, but Scruff, your heartfelt apology makes you one of the cool kids.

if you click on search under one of your posts you will get a list of all your posts. Good luck on finding the right thread.


Wow, that was mighty cool of you. Apology accepted!

Not wanting to tax the hamsters, I won’t be searching for the old posts either, but I’m sure I may have been (Ok probably) less than civil myself in our exchange. For that, I apologize as well.

As for your offer of a drink, Cheers!

Well? Is someone going to use some gratuitous fucking profanity already, or what?


Good lord man. There’s no need to get brutal. Turdface.

goat! fuck paperwork pain arse. shitforbrains

Oh, and heart warming it is to see an apology and an acceptance here in the pit (or anywhere for that matter).

(not being sarcastic)