App for voice recording/ transcription?

I’ve been trying to write a book, and trying to get exercise by taking two hour-long walks. I’ve recently discovered a voice-recording app on my phone that lets me dictate ideas and sometimes drafts as I walk, which is great, but it would be greater if I could turn these recordings into written drafts. Someone suggested that I use the voice-recording on my e-mail (basically dictate an email to myself and then copy that into a Word program when I get home) but the dictation on my phone email is very spotty (it garbles what I say and often doesn’t even pick up that I’m talking–very frustrating). The recording app I’ve got is pretty good but I can’t figure out how to turn it into written text. Maybe it just doesn’t do that. The phone is an Android (pretty recent model) if that helps anyone narrow down my choices. Thanks.

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On my Android phone there’s a microphone icon on the keyboard, same key as the comma. If I hold that button it brings up a screen that allows me to dictate and it automatically appears in whatever app im using. Facebook, email, notes etc.

I had been using a dictation app, but then I needed to cut and paste into the desired application. A user on this board clued me in to that icon.

There are several speech to text app on the play store.

I hope it helps.

I just checked my Iphone and the built-in Notes application includes a dictation feature (I’m on IOS 14.3). I’ve never used it so I don’t know how practical it is.

(raises hand) Ooh, ooh, I do! (waves hand around)

I just wrote an article that I was totally stuck on, so I took a long walk, intending to dictate a few ideas into the Notes app on my good old iPhone.

I ended up dictating (rambling, really) the entire article into Notes. Almost perfect speech-to-text, and I could just email the notes to myself, then edit and voila!

In the world of training, I most often see, and therefore use, Audacity. It works very well for my needs and is free but it doesn’t transcribe.

Sonix is rated pretty high for transcription accuracy but I have not tried it.

The medical community uses Dragon, which gets things wrong often enough to cause problems. I have run into some issues with it, but I proofread and edit work before publishing so it’s not a huge issue for me, it’s just a cause of wry laughter.