App question (iPad)

How do you (or can you) see what apps are on your iPad, even if they don’t show up anywhere?

I’ll explain. I had a game that I downloaded years ago. (Cannot remember if I paid for it or it was free), but I hadn’t played it in a while. Yesterday, I went to look for it to play it, and could not find the icon that used to be on my screen. So I looked at the list of apps under the “Settings”, and it wasn’t there either.

I didn’t remember erasing it, so I went to the very first screen on my iPad, and there is a search function that permits a search of the iPad, and sure enough, when I typed the name of the app, it appeared. When I selected the name, the game appeared and I could play it normally, however it still does not appear anywhere. It is apparently still on my iPad, and accessible, but only if I type the name of the game in the search field first.

Is there a way to get this icon back onto my iPad screen? And as a follow-up, is there a way to look at the files on my iPad, similar to the way I can see the file structure on my windowns devices?

Some additional info:

This game is no longer on the app store, and I cannot find it anywhere except on Steam. Not sure if they stopped putting it on the US app store, if they only support one operating system now (I am running apple’s iOS), or what is going on. But I do not have a steam account, nor have I ever downloaded anything from Steam.


Sometimes you can get lucky by connecting to Itunes on your computer and restoring an app. If its been completely removed from the App store, potentially because it was not made compatible with the newest IOSs, you might be well out of luck. I’ve had things disappear like that as well, and it can be very frustrating!

If I remember correctly, when the iPad is connected to iTunes, and you’ve navigated to the tab in iTunes that shows you all your installed apps, you can search there, and it will show you where on the iPad it is. And you should be able to move the app icon to the home screen directly from there.

Thanks. When I get home I will try your suggestions. I am guessing whoever made the game just gave up making the game compatible with every OS update.

Followup question, with another game.

I recently upgraded the iOS on my older iPad. I had a game on the older iPad that ran just fine until the upgrade, and now it runs incredibly slow.

The game runs just fine on my new iPad, and the new iPad has the latest iOS.

Both iPads have the same iOS, and the same amount of memory.

This app is also no longer on the app store (WTF?), but why would it run differently on a different iPad?

I have re-booted, killed all background apps, and cleaned up a ton of memory. Still, the game runs significantly slower.

Is there any way to send an app from one iPad to another with bluetooth, or do I have to use iTunes? And if an app is no longer in the store, do I risk losing it, or will I always at least maintain my copy?

Thanks for any help!