Apparently a new Heroes Reboot or Sequel is coming

NBC just aired during the Olympics a teaser for a Reboot or Sequel for the show Heroes called Heroes Reborn. Don’t know anything else but it is definitely related to the original show as it had the same eclipse logo.

The first season was good. Everything after that was dominated by idiots - both the characters and the writers.

Agreed. First season was fun. Downhill from there.

Such potential squandered. I’ll hope they do better with this one–it’d be hard to do worse.

The teaser for Heroes Reborn: 2015.

It’s going to be a thirteen episode mini-series.

Heroes went downhill the moment Bryan Fuller left and Tim Kring was put in sole charge. Kring is not as talented as he thinks, and gets far more power than he deserves.

I’ll watch. They’ve had plenty of time to go back over it and note the things the audience liked, and what it didn’t.

I don’t even remember how the first one ended now.

I agree completely which makes it a good candidate for being redone. Good ideas that are executed poorly are things that should be remade.

The original idea was to reboot with new heroes every season.

Of course they didn’t do this when the first season of Heroes proved very successful… instead they dragged it out until it was boring.

So, maybe there’s a chance they won’t ruin this too.

Save the cheerleader, save NBC.

I think a miniseries is a great idea. It’ll keep the story tight and all but guarantees a satisfying conclusion. I can see a potential problem coming in that they introduced way too many characters in the original run and in inevitably leaving out any one of them, nerds will try to poke holes in the story with their absence.

Ya’ mean like that satisfying conclusion that the ‘miniseries’ “Under the Dome” had?

wow - so much info - so much - well, nothing really.

That’s okay, just leave out the crap ones. Nobody’s going to nitpick about Mayaaa being nowhere to be found.

There’s also supposed to be an online pre-series, although I don’t know how long it’s going to be.

Not a well researched name at all. “Heroes Reborn” was a Marvel Comics event, so I really think Disney is going to have words, what with it being about superheroes as well.

If they were smart they’d model it after the UK show Misfits. (Which is probably what the first one was based on?)
Man that was a good show. Misfits - Series 1 Trailer - YouTube

My problem with the original Heroes was that if EVERYONE ends up with special powers then it’s not as interesting.

Dunno. I do know that Marvel & DC have trademarks over super hero and super-villain, and super-hero and super villain respectively. From Tom Breevort:

Just trivia. We can call them heroes or superheroes without lawyers I guess.

I used to love that show and then just…stopped caring. Probably right around when they did. I don’t even remember what was going on when I stopped - something about a guy who runs a Carnival and can manipulate rocks or something.