Apparently I'm a "Cuckservative." Anyone know what that means?

On assorted conservative web sites, I have found that, to Trump fans. I am, like any other Republican who doesn’t back the Donald, a “cuckservative.”

Okay, I give up- where did this term come from, and who’s supposedly banging my wife behind my back?

Apparently the term originally came from white supremacy sites. Basically you’re a white conservative who’s letting the liberal black jews bang your country. I’ll let someone less concerned about their browser history give you a cite.

Does it mean everyone who isn’t in a white nationalist party?

Of course not. A Black person is the enemy, not a race traitor. A white liberal may be a race traitor, but at least he isn’t pretending to be a conservative while he’s doing it.

“Cuckservative” is a new word, no older than 2015, and seems to have originated on far-right messageboards.

Ironic, then, that our precocious young Korean-American friend decided to adopt it as his epithet of choice, prior to his suspension.

Not surprised that Breitbart tried to defend the users of that insult as not being related to racism because it originated on 4chan…

…On a political thread that was talking about “there goes the neighborhood” (with paraphrases of the ugly racist meme about “white genocide”) regarding immigrants like Jews and other minorities and the politicians that are helping them.

Breitbart is not making the users of that insult look better.

The only way Breitbart can make ANYTHING look better is by publicly opposing it.

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