So I guess "Cuck" is the new "I've outed myself as brainless" word?

Bear with me on this…

So I was watching these Antifa videos in Berkley and Boston…and I really don’t like those Antifa guys. They spout dumb rhetoric, they’re hypocrites, they’re bullies. They don’t understand free speech…etc…I’m not really here to debate about them but to use them as a setup for context.

And the Trump supporters at those particular places I don’t really hate. Seemed to be made up mostly of older vets,…a lot of idiots…what you would expect really.


So i watched a recent Boston rally video, then clicked to the next video


First of all there was this huge disconnect cause I was wondering “Why are all these Confederate flags being carried around in Boston?? Wow. The vibe here is a lot different from the Trump supporters I saw in other rallies.”

Then i realized this must be at that Richard Spencer rally.

Antifa isn’t scary. Most Trump supporters arn’t scary. THESE frat boy, white polo shirt wearing mofo’s are scary to me. For the cuck reference see 1:14

I hate that word. There’s no rebuttal. It’s literal meaning in this context is, “You are lesser than me.” The comments section is just littered with it and a sprinkling of ‘fags’. If you want to debate, you’re a cuck. If you want to discuss, you’re a cuck.

Conservatives who really think they hold the high ground would do well to disassociate themselves from anyone in their ranks who use that word. It’s one thing to curse someone out, or go to the old standards of ‘idiot.’ or ‘moron.’

Those words indicate frustration usually, and USUALLY some at least half-assed attempt at discussion has been tried.

But here?? “You are subhuman. You are not a man.” I have yet to see cuck used in any other context.

You know these people are in the White House, right?

I think the word is more revealing than its users realize. Their constant use of it reveals the subject they’re always thinking about and what they’re most scared of; the knowledge that their women are going to leave them for somebody else.

To be fair, any word that regularly appears in YouTube comments will probably feel this way.

Even “the”.

No, I can find plenty of examples of normal people using the word “the”. I don’t think I could find any examples of a normal person using the word “cuck”.

There is a lot of overlap between the manosphere (red pill, MGTOW, mens rights) and the alt right, and ‘cuck’ is a term of derision for beta males who get exploited, dominated and walked all over by women.

Supposedly a lot of (white) guys under 30 who get drawn into the alt right movement started out because they were frustrated by dating, got involved in the manosphere and then got involved in the alt right.

bitterness + toxic masculinity + a philosophy of white supremacy = the alt right.

Exactly this. Like many extremist movements, they are disproportionately composed of angry, sexually frustrated young men. They are projecting their insecurities and attempting to weaponise their own self-loathing. It’s painfully transparent at times.

And yes, it’s use as a pejorative term, does immediately and unambiguously identify the user as a moron, a misogynist, a racist and an asshole. I would challenge anyone to find a single exception to this rule.

I actually turned off a podcast that was about making fun of Scott Adams over that word. They were calling liberals stupid for thinking Trump deliberately courts outrage as a distraction when he gets caught up in a scandal.

Even though they were trying to do the whole “both sides are bad” bit, that word, after that stupidity, was too much.

Well, if it’s used ironically or to troll MRAs and Trumpists, I guess that’s an exception. If you’re trolling Rush Limbaugh’s Twitter feed by calling him a “cuck,” it’s obviously meant a different way.

But if you use the word seriously? You might as well be wearing a poster board that says “I Am A Total Asshole.”

I read an article before about ISIS recruiting young men and how a major facet of it was sex. Due to various factors (religion, unemployment, etc) there’s a bunch of sexually frustrated men who are lured by the idea of forced marriage or rape as a weapon. And, of course, that marriage/rape is justified as making babies for the movement and converting the women.

A lot of Alt-Right rhetoric sounds like points along the same spectrum. Not at the point of recruiting via promised sex yet but a lot of stuff designed to appeal to sexually frustrated men who have little prospect of finding a partner the normal way. Feminists are why they can’t get laid. Liberals are why they can’t get laid. Black men are why they can’t get laid. Join us and we’ll fix it and you’ll finally be able to get laid like you so richly deserve.

I think “cuck” is a rapidly evolving word at this point. On youtube I have heard it used by in a non-racist, non-political fashion by New Yorkers to generally describe someone who is a foolish dupe or someone who is weak and appeasing and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of.

I guess it has nothing with being cheated on in your marriage, then?

It’s derived from that.

We had a thread about this word last month.

The word makes me chuckle. It’s just such a stupid, juvenile-sounding word. The fact that any adult can use it unironically tells me all I need to know about that “adult.”

Which make you a “chuck”. So there!

[sub]I hope this didn’t belong in the Pit[/sub]

It did, then it became a term in the last 20-30 years or so for a genre of fetish porn where men facilitated their wives getting serviced by other men while they watched or sometimes participated, and now that porn context of being willingly submissive to and encouraging of other men’s sexual use of your wife (more than the original definition of being fooled) is where the current term springs from.

Here’s the thing: “cuck” is a term of abuse NOT for liberals but for mainstream conservatives! “Cuck” is short for “cuckservative,” which is a Republican who isn’t sufficiently racist.

Strange as it seems, the alt-right hates people like me (or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush) even more than they hated Hillary or Obama. They would gladly abandon all of the traditional beliefs on abortion or low taxes or law & order just to keep foreigners out.

To them, any Republican who isn’t hell-bent on keeping out foreigners is some kind of sicko who fantasizes about watching his wife gang-raped by blacks or Mexicans. There’s no middle ground with alt-right types. You either keep out ALL Mexicans, or you must want the swarthy invaders to rape and kill your family.

No, it’s not. “Cuck” is short for “cuckold.”

The short form “cuck” came into use on the Internet and in right win talk before “cuckservative” - references to “cuck” go back at least as far as 2007 that I can find. “Cuckservative” I can’t see being used before the Trump campaign.= began in 2015.

The use of “cuck” pretty much fills the same space in my mind as putting a “the shocker” sticker on your car.