Apparently, My bad attitude needs to be handled

or, “how do you walk with balls that big?”

I made a major mistake Wednesday. I called and confirmed that my car was, indeed, paid off. Somehow, the car got wind of this and decided to fix that. I’d put in a new battery last week, but it was still cranky starting. That night, I’d headed to a restaurant to have dinner w/a friend, finally got the engine to turn over, drove there, turned the car off, removed the key.

Except, of course, that the starter was still trying to start the car (you could hear it go Rnnnnnnnnnn rnnnnnnnnnnn rnnnnnnn). Knowing that this is a ‘not good noise’ [sup]TM[/sup], I left a note for the friend and started taking the car to the garage a few miles away.

I got within about 3/4 of a mile away, when all the lights went out and the car stopped. Naturally this happened at a busy intersection at 5:45 pm. Someone helped me push it into a parking lot. After searching (w/o success) for my motor club card (no, not AAA), I gave up and decided to call a wrecker, any wrecker and deal w/reimbursement issues. ( should I bore you with details about the cell phone battery going out? No?? ok)

half hour later, a flat bed rolls up. Incredible Hulk Jr rambles out and evenutally negotiates my car on it. I get in the cab and we drive off. Now there seems to be a lot of bouncing around in this truck, but I put it down to a chronic lack of funds for road repairs (I do, after all, live in Michigan).

We get to the garage, and I pay Incredible Hulk Jr off, tell him to unload the car while I go in and get paperwork started for repair. I’m in the place, talkin’ to ‘the guy’, when 3 of the employees come in asking “are you the person whose car came in by the wrecker??”

yea, why?

“well, he dropped your car”

:confused: :eek: :mad:

“yea, it just dropped like 3 feet off the truck” So they put it up on the hoist to see if there’s damage. Sure enough: about a foot long dent in the gas tank, a deep dent in the area where the spare tire would go, and a visible dent in the “something or other” arm (Some piece of the suspension? that goes to the tire)

So, I call the wrecker company, and explain what happened. He says “how could that happen?” I don’t have any idea. I didn’t see it, however, four other people here (a customer and 3 employees) who don’t know me, saw it and reported it to me, and I now have 3 dents in the underside of my car that weren’t there before your driver got it. “It’s not possible for it to fall like you said”. Look, all I know is there’s damage, and it’s going to be handled.

“the only thing that needs to be handled is your attitude”

yes, that’s his comment to me. I’d not raised my voice, not sworn, not called him (or IHJ names), he was objecting to my statement that the damage was ‘going to be handled’.

The crowd around me (the 3 witness employees plus customer) all went slack jawed in amazement when they heard that. They all assure me that I was calm, and much nicer than they would be in the same situation.

Tow truck owner says he has to talk to his employee. Fine by me, I’ve still got 4 witnesses (and names and phone numbers) w/o an agenda.

After he talks to IHJ, he claims “my driver says there’s no way that the car ‘dropped’, it’s back tires were on the ground when he got it off the truck, and he ran back to keep it from rolling away” (can’t you just hear the Theme to Rocky in the background, extolling the virtue of the brave tow truck guy actually preventing my car from rolling away???) I repeat that there’s damage, obviously new. He says he has to see it. Great, come on down.
He gets down, looks at the damage, and asks IHJ “what did you do???”

He eventually admits that yes, damage was done, and yes, by his driver, yes, he’ll pay to get it repaired “just to be a stand up guy, ya know, 'cause after all, you did sign my release”.

I guess I look younger than I am, 'cause otherwise he wouldn’t have assumed that I was born yesterday.

even after seeing the damage and realizing that it was his responsability, he still made some snide ass comment about me being rude on the phone.

My eyes may roll back into place someday.

Nice rant, but a little too much 'tude for me. :wink:

My car was paid off on the 18th. I live in fear.

You need to run into the wrecker company’s main office wildly swinging a baseball bat screaming, "Handle this, Mother Fuckers!!!”

and you posted that on a public message board??? how do you know that your car doesn’t know your screen name? hmmm???
adam I’ve no need o’ that - I work w/convicts, I know people in low places. :wink:

Great. My car isn’t going to be paid off until next April and now I’m getting nervous about it. (But oh, it will be great to have that money…)

I paid off my car 2 years ago. So far, so good.

Since I just posted this, it’ll probably explode in the driveway as I sleep.

Jeez, WRING, that sucks! Bonus points for not wrapping his clipboard around his neck. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you – be sure to keep the names and numbers of those witnesses.

But did you ever find out what was wrong with the car? You know, before the wrecker guy assaulted it?

Hope it’s all better soon.

Way to contain yourself. I’m not so sure I could have done the same. There would have been more yelling and hitting things with other things before I was all done.

Thanks Jodi - yea, it was the starter, well and the alternator belt. but mainly the starter.

I’ve called on my friend Doug (has built cars from ground up for a hobby) to come w/me to interpret/make sure stuff gets handled. Also talked to my insurance company, who said 'go head and see if he’ll make good on the repair, but if he doesn’t, we’ll handle it from there.

I have no desire (currently) to do anything but get my car repaired. However, if he makes that a difficult thing, I’ve got no problem taking it around getting estimates and having my insurance co’s lawyers ‘handle’ his attitude.

I guess this is not a good time to ask if the car is still under warranty.
Hope you’re back rolling again soon.

Called the place the guy wanted me to take it to, explained the deal (ie that I was going to bring it in for an estimate w/ a friend of mine to make sure all was ok), “can I do that this afternoon?” No, you’d have to bring it in first thing in the morning. Ok fine.

So, make arrangements w/Doug to meet me in the morning some days later (I’m pretty damn busy in the mornings), and we head on out there.

I explain (again) why I’m there etc. (different guy), he says “you’d have to leave it here for about 2 hours before I could get a chance to look at it”. Um wrong. I’m taking time off work, I was told that if I came in first thing in the morning that you’d be able to look at it etc. “not w/out an appointment”


Ok, can we schedule an appointment? Sure - so we schedule it.

Doug and I go on down the next time, this time w/an appointment. This time it’s the same guy as on the phone, I re-explain the deal, and ok, fine. He starts writing up a work order and getting a key tag out - wait a sec, I’m not leaving the car here to fix, I wanted to get the estimate from you.

“you’ll have to leave your car here for 1.5 - 2 hours before I can get at it”. I was told that if I scheduled an appointment that you could do it while I wait.

“we don’t do appointments”.

well, fine. You don’t have to ‘do’ my car. went back and filed a claim w/my insurance company. The claim adjuster said I can take it anywhere I want, gave me a list of several (after I asked ), there’s no deductible since I wasn’t at fault, I’ve got a rider to pay for a rental car while it’s out in the shop, and “they’ll take care of getting repaid by the tow truck guy”.

Wonder how he likes my attitude now.