Apparently Republican women do not want to be kept barefoot and pregnant.

**This will be in the pit very quickly, so I’ll start it here. :slight_smile:

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Here ya go.

Do you have anything to say about the issue, aside from “I’ll start it here”?

I’m very happy that some Republican Congresswomen are supporting Women’s Rights.

Then why did they join the GOP?

Well. Perhaps, as Log Cabin Republican says, “Like I keep telling you guys, it’s all about economics.”

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Your well articulated argument has me completely convinced. NOT!

Indeed, folks are being very civil.
I am pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

People have been civil because your fucking shitty OP gave us nothing to talk about. When you can do more than post a drive-by OP, maybe you’ll find some discussion ensues.


After the failure of the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” GOP hopefuls are hard at work on the “USA Flag Liberty Jesus Saves Babies Act.”

This x 1000.
Seriously carnivorousplant, you know better than to pull that shit.

When you put it that way…


These are both terrible acronymns, and I think we’ve all come to expect better from the GOP.

Maybe “Pain Capable Unborn People Protection Act”
or “PCUPPA”?
That’d be fun to shove down Liberal’s throats.

Alright, I’ll step forward and un-civil this up for ya. OP FAIL.

That’s lazy incivility. I suggest the OP is as starved of context as its writer’s brain is of oxygen.

Actually, Republican women are more pro-life than Republican men, and Democratic women are more pro-life then Democratic men.

It was nothing but political theatre from the very beginning. Part of their base wants/needs to think they’ll get this through. The GOP needs to appear to be pursuing that goal. If they can make their token female members appear as ‘strong’ women all the better. Anything to attempt to win women’s votes, even if it means appearing to play both sides of the field.

And get it all out of the way, before the real fighting begins with the next election cycle. My bet is they’ll be playing this as not as hardline as previous GOP iterations and capable of comprimise, when, in fact, it’s neither.

It’s just theatre.

Nitpick: Those are initialisms, not acronyms.

That’s only for a slice of ‘pro-choice’ views (whether abortion for any reason should be legal). Further, for the most recent data in the cite, women support the pro-choice view more than men.

When different questions are asked (like whether you consider yourself pro-choice or pro-life, or whether abortion should be legal in various circumstances), there are often different results.