Apple cidar vinegar, horrible tasting, but good for you??

Is it true that drinking apple cidar vinegar when you are feeling ill will help you feel better? Is it also true that it boosts your emune system?

First off, I think you mean ‘immune system’ unless you happen to have a lot of large birds running around in your body.

Second, I don’t think so. It sounds very much like an old wives’ tale dressed up in slightly newer clothing, or one of the claims of the ‘holistic medicine’ quacks. Not that there is a lot of difference between them.

Apple cider vinegar may add some flavor to salads, but is worthless as a health aid.

As far as I know, the myths about cider vinegar got a boost a few decades ago in a book of “Vermont folk medicine” by a Dr. Jarvis. In recent years all sorts of supplement sellers and fringe practitioners have been touting cider vinegar as a cure-all, for conditions including arthritis, acid reflux, obesity etc.

No evidence has been provided to back up the claims, or to show why apple cider vinegar should be any different from ordinary vinegar. It’s a classic example of breathless promotion and gullibility trumping reality.

The FDA has taken action against a number of scam artists selling the stuff. Here’s just one example of a seller who got in trouble for making grandiose claims about cider vinegar.

Makes fabulous bread and butter pickles, though. Which can’t be bad for you. How about you just eat good pickles instead?