Apple recalling & replacing 1st-gen Ipod Nano to due battery safety issue

Apparently some first-generation Ipod Nanos have batteries that can catch fire. So, they’re recalling them and replacing them for free. It isn’t clear whether they’re replacing them with refurbed 1st-gen units, or with present-day ones.

Here’s the page:

People on Mac forums believe the most likely is that they’re taking the old ones, giving them new batteries and cases, and sending them back out.

I have a 1st-gen that was given to me as a gift. It still works, but I don’t use it much because the battery doesn’t last long anymore. I’m sending mine in, because I figure at least I’m getting a new battery out of this deal, so I’ll have a useful device again.

That’s my bet as well. Both that I expect someone else’s (that had been sent in), and because I’ll get a new battery out of it.

I did this yesterday. They are sending a postage paid box in order to send the old one back. They mentioned that if you send in a personalized unit you won’t get it back, so that confirms replacing the case. They also warn to back up anything you have on it, but that might just mean that it gets wiped when they replace the batter, not that you’re getting a whole new unit.

I am sure you’re not getting a new unit, but the pessimist in me is further sure that you don’t get back the one you sent in. Otherwise, you could get your personalized one back. I’m pretty sure the battery is not a part of the case that would necessitate replacing both. I expect that they have a stock of refurbs that the first customers get, and those customer’s units are then refurbed to provide units for the next customer’s units, etc.

I still have mine (bought in April 2006). Out of the 3 iPods I have had, I like it the best. It has become my motorcycle iPod a few years back (stays in my riding jacket and only used while on the bike). The battery isn’t too good now, so I think I’ll send it in.

Aw, man. If mine hadn’t been stolen out of my car a couple years ago, I’d be eligible for this. I will take comfort in the hope that it burns down the house of the thief.

Huh. Mine actually did explode a few years ago, scared the crap out of me. Good thing I kept it.

EDIT: Crap, looks like I finally threw it out a few weeks ago. :frowning:

If you are near an Apple Store and you registered the iPod when you got it, I would go in and ask if they have any options. They took such a black eye about this back in the day that they may believe your story- especially if you have a record that you bought it and registered it.

Thanks! I inherited my daughter’s Nano a few years ago, and the battery doesn’t last very long at all. I’ve never noticed it getting too hot, because it never lasts very long.

I checked the website, and they’re sending me a box to send it back.

I realize this thread was well on its way to zombie status, but since there is now a thread about customer service done right, I want to include an update here.

Apple decided to replace first generation iPod Nanos. What I (and a few friends) expected was that they would do a “rolling repair” where they woud start repairing units and sending them out with no care to get you back your own particular Nano. There was even a note in the recall notice saying that your personalized unit would not be returned.

What I expected was a refurbished first-gen iPod Nano. What I got was a new 6th gen Nano. Cool! Thank you, Apple, I even got it on Christmas Eve.

Wow, I hope I get one of those. I know some people got 1st-gen but I guess they may have run out of them. I sent mine out about a week ago.

That’s great news! I finally got the return envelope in the mail last week and sent it in. Hopefully I’ll get a Gen 6, too.

Huh, this is the first I’m hearing about the recall. I just signed into the Apple site, put in my Nano’s serial number and they’re sending me the return mailer.

It would be really cool to get the new Nano as a replacement!

Same here. Kinda felt bad for the Fedex guy delivering it, since he was obviously crazy busy and I really didn’t need my replacement ipod on Christmas Eve.

So now I have a nifty new fancy iPod! Unfortunately I have no clue what to do with it, since I’ve upgraded at least 3 times since I bought the original Nano.

Well, it took about six weeks, but I got a refurbished 6th gen Nano. It didn’t come with any accessories - no earbuds or usb cable.

Neither did mine. I suppose they expect that you have those from your first gen that was recalled. In keeping in that vein, I also didn’t receive any printed material telling me to make sure I downloaded iTunes, and the packaging was just some foam in a cardboard box. I have no complaints, though.