Apple slashes iPhone price by $200

Patience is a virtue.

Oh, the last 2 months were worth $200…

Now, let me go eat my grapes…

And Apple share prices drop.
Go figure.

Don’t eat em all.
I bought my wife a 2 gig iPod a couple weeks ago.
Now you get 4 gigs for the same price.
Good thing all her music fits on the 2 gigger, or I’d be pissed rather than just a little miffed.

Well, thanks to Apple’s short-sighted policy of locking them to a specific carrier, which does not serve my country, I can’t get one anyways. :: grumble ::

I’ll just have to comfort myself with a iPod touch.

Wait. I can’t afford one of those either.

I bought my iPhone 15 days ago. They’re honoring the $200 rebate for phones bought 14 days ago. I was mighty pissed.

I called Apple, who said they couldn’t help me because I bought it at an AT&T Store (no Apple stores around here). I called AT&T, who said they couldn’t help me because Apple was forcing them to accept the 14 return policy.

I finally just decided to not take no for an answer. I was a huge pain in the butt to the poor call center people who got my call. I was polite, but firm, and kept asking for supervisors. Finally I got a gentleman who told me he didn’t have a supervisor. He was extremely apologetic and understanding. I explained that I was just beginning a brand new relationship with AT&T. It’d only been 2 weeks, and now I was having a terrible experience so soon into my 2 year contract (which I can still get out of, and he knew this).

Long story short, he gave me 3 free months of service, which amounts to about $180. I’m a happy camper.

They pretty much always do, after an announcement. The pattern’s usually the same: the stock runs up in anticipation of the event and drops afterward.

Good work on getting this, it’s sometimes surprising what you can get in such situations just by asking and being persistent. I have to say though that I’m surprised how upset people are that the price has dropped after they bought their iPhone. There are always some unlucky people who happen to buy somethine right before a price drop is announced.

Well, a 33% drop in just 2 months is a huge, huge drop, even by Apple’s standards. What Apple usually does is keep the price points the same, but increase storage, or speed, or features. A huge price drop like this has NEVER happened with Apple so quickly, and people certainly reacted. I was one of 'em.

But Uncle Steve answered back, and the early iPhone adopters all get $100 credit to the Apple Store. Thanks Steve!

Oh, I won’t get this credit because I got a deal with AT&T, but for everyone else, this is great news and another example of why I love Apple.

Sure you can. And you can use it as a coaster, as a paperweight, as a knickknack…

Guess we couldn’t call it a “conversation piece,” eh? :wink:

It’s good news for me. I paid the full $600 for my iPhone and have been drooling over the 160GB iPod. I was gonna go pick it up and then heard this news. I still have a PC at home, so I’m not a fanboy. At least, I don’t wanna be called one.

I didn’t buy one, so I can’t complain. But, I’m cynical enough to believe that this move was part of a plan. There was some sales goal that was reached, or some pre-arranged market/production target met to trigger the price cut. There’s no way you’d convince me that Steve-O woke up yesterday morning and decided that it would be a nice thing to do.

I am waiting until Xmas for my iPhone, when an upgrade will have just been released, probably still at the lower price.

I think I want an iPod too.