Apple's iPad in all its glory- Would you buy one?

I don’t see an existing thread, or at least not a new one, so I’ll start this.

In case you haven’t seen the 9 jillion tech blog posts, Apple appears poised to announce a tablet on 1/27.

Link and WSJ Link (no reg required)

The good news is that it will be like a color Kindle, may run on multiple data networks (Verizon and AT&T), and since it’s Apple will likely have a bunch of features that you didn’t know you needed until you see them.

Bad news is that it’s going to cost about a grand, plus data (probably $20/month).

As I said, it will be a robust eReader, allowing consumers to download books, magazines, news papers, etc. Insiders (whoever they are) say that the Tablet may breath some life into old school media (NYT, WSJ etc).

From my link above:

One aspect that I think would be really cool is reading something like, say, 1776, and having all the names and places hyperlinked.

You could come across John Dyke Acaland and have a wikipedia link appear right there in the text.

Unfo I expect it will be prohibitively expensive for me in FY2010. Alas.

Anyone excited about this product or thinking of getting one?

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It will definitely be thought controlled, fold out into a robot that can wash dishes and clean litter boxes, and have a processor so fast that it can run programs that haven’t been written yet. I’ve heard the target price will be $29.99, but that might be for the tricked out model with the flame decals.

Seriously, I am astoundingly amused by statements such as the “I won’t buy it because it costs too much or doesn’t have feature X” made weeks before the product is even announced. This is why Apple stock always drops right after announcements; they never live up to the speculation.

As soon as it is announced, everyone will skip on to the next inevitable phase of new Apple products: the prediction of failure, in which folks will point out that alternative products that only five people know about are much better, the Apple product is way too expensive, and seriously, nobody would ever want one of these. (See iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, original iMac, and the Apple mice).

Not very likely, but I think it would be funny if Apple announced a new XServe or something else not the iPad.

There are so many (sometimes contradictory) rumors that it is hard to know what exactly it will be like (or what it will be called - there have been a lot of trademake filings lately)


I like following the tech blogs daily, but I can’t for the life of me understand the interest in tablets and subsequent discussion. It seems like the most awkward and clumsy item and a monumental drop hazard. Certain things, like smartphones and ereaders are divergent for a reason and remarrying them is actually a step backwards. The Apple tablet and coming Windows Courier are going to be fabulous flops. Early adopters might snap up the first few but people will quickly realize how cumbersome is is to try and carry and hold a tablet for any extended periods of time and how impossible any real data entry will be. $1000 + a monthly fee is a ton of money for something a $100 smartphone and $100 ereader accomplish suitably well in more convenient packaging.

While I’ll be very curious to see what the actual product turns out to be, I’m afraid I’m just not in the market for anything like this. My wife and I already have an iPhone 3GS, a MacBook for the family, and my own Mac Pro. And, I just got a Kindle.

I’m pretty much all set in the computer department. I’m sure it’ll be sexy as hell, and have a bunch of cool features that’ll make owning one tempting, but I just can’t see any real need for myself, and I say that as a huge, longtime Mac fan.

But they look so cool when they’re handing them to Kirk on the Enterprise!

I wouldn’t mind a tablet to use as a “Personal Media Player” but a grand is a bit steep. Yesterday I came accross this device. I was watching some CES 2010 tech coverage and it looks like the market is about to get a crapload of these devices so Apple will have a lot of competition, which is a good thing.

It’s …ummm… a giant iPod Touch. What do you think of it? Would you buy one?
Story here

I’ll wait for the version without the massive border.

Seriously - 16-64 gigs? Your average cheap netbook has 120.

Yeah, the two things that baffle me are the tiny amounts of memory and lack of Flash. Other than that, it seems like a fantastic device. I already have an iPhone and a laptop, so I have no use for it, but I might once my laptop craps out and the 2nd or 3rd gen iPad is out.

Don’t forget no multitasking.

The memory size does seem small. I use 8GB on my iPhone and I do okay, but iTunes automatically downscales photos to make this possible. With the bigger screen, downscaling photos would be dumb.

I do like the idea of having a bigger screen in the kitchen for recipes though. iPhone is too small to convey an entire recipe without having to touch it with messy hands. I’d like one, but not for 500 bucks.

Does it have a user-replaceable battery?

I think it’s going to be a huge flop. Maybe a later generation, with better tech specs and a lower price, will do OK, but there’s not enough of a reason for someone who already has an iPhone and a laptop to buy one.

The memory size is a puzzler. I’d have assumed that they’d at least hit the 128gb mark at this point. The iPod touch has had 64gb for a long time now.

Sounds like Apple just wanted to get a product out there to get buzz and market share, even if it doesn’t have the feature set they want yet.

Still it looks interesting, but I’ll give it a pass. Partly because it is a V1 product but mostly because right now a tablet isn’t something I’m that interested in.

My prediction is that Apple is going to sell eleventy billion of them at $500.

I’ve never used Apple products but the rumors about this one made me really curious. I thought Apple was going to come out with one device to rule them all, something that could conceivably consolidate all electronic devices laptop/phone/camera/e-reader etc. Perhaps this was naive of me but what they’ve released seems underwhelming at best.

And the name, “iPAd”? All I can think of is whether or not it comes with wings.

That doesn’t baffle me. I don’t need this device to do that, just like I could care less that my iPhone doesn’t.

If it was slightly cheaper, yes. A tablet would be perfect for what I use a laptop for when sitting on the couch. Read books, surf the web, send some emails. But won’t get as hot or as cumbersome.

I expect the big black border is partially to give a place to grip the device. No border and fingers will be on the touch screen. Probably also related to screen size and cost.