Are You Buying An iPad?

So are you buying an iPad? Explain why or why not.

No. Have no use for one. Don’t really even have any use for an iPhone.

Hell no. I’ve got a laptop. One that plays flash. And I don’t read comics.
I actually do have a few hundred bucks I could piss away if I wanted to, but I wouldn’t piss it in the direction of St. Jobs. If I was even interested I’d wait until they got one that actually worked and was sold at a reasonable price.

Same reason I have a Droid instead of an iPhone.

I won’t be buying it immediately, but will definitely get one eventually. I think it’s the perfect couch/vacation/coffee shop web surfing/emailing/game playing/video watching machine. Looks just brilliant, and the price is cheap.

The other effect is that when I next buy a “big” computer (this one is starting to show it’s age a bit), I’ll probably stick with a desktop rather than a laptop, which I was considering. The only reason I would need a laptop is for consuming content (as opposed to creating it) while on the road. The iPad will be better than a laptop for that, anyway.

I predict both my kids will get them, eventually. A 10 hour, no-moving parts, wifi connected with no camera or 3G device that docks to a keyboard seems like a surefire homerun in K-12.

Right now their schools average three or four Apples per class room and have a couple of 12 iBook carts that get wheeled around as needed. These things are half the price of an iBook and a third the price of an iMac. They’re offering them in 10-packs to schools for about $480 a piece. ( )

I’da killed for something like this in College. This, vs a Backpack with 30 lbs of Books? Tough call.

‘No flash!’ is the same crap folks spout for every Apple launch…and at every Apple launch they seem to sell hand-over-fist ( ‘No WiFi, less space than a nomad - Lame!’ and ‘I can’t believe they dropped Firewire!’, ‘Mini-Display Port is just a way to sell cables’, and ‘I can get a better Dell for half the price!’) All these statements are true and have NO impact on how successful they’ve been.

Am I an apologist? Not really. Apple is INTENTIONALLY leaving out features for SPECIFIC Reasons. Flash is a pig, you can’t USE ‘space to fire’ when there’s no keyboard, and there’s some political bad blood between Apple and Adobe.

No but it has nothing to do with me being a PC user - I just don’t have a need.

I’m an Apple guy and I’m not getting one. I am mildly curious if, after they’ve hit the market and sell like hotcakes, I’ll discover they have some usefulness in my life, but at the moment they seem like a solution in search of a problem. For* me*.

I think it looks awesome and I cannot wait to go to the ipad store to buy one. If money were no object I would buy one for myself and one for my Mom. I think they look like awesome gadgets that would be fun to fiddle with while sitting on the couch watching tv.

I think it is priced fairly for what it is. But, money is an object and I really can’t afford to throw it towards fun stuff all the time.

I’m a pc user. But, like macs as well. So, as far as that religious war goes I guess I am an agnostic.

Until they get dropped. Then there will be lots of moving parts.

A giant iPhone seems retarded to me, and the $500 price tag is no inducement.

This is that new maxi pad that uploads your menstrual flow stats to your computer, right?

I have absolutely no need for it, and I’m happy that way. I don’t have an iPod, I don’t have an iPhone, and I’m happy that way, too.

It seems to me like it combines all the disadvantages of a smartphone with all the disadvantages of a tablet.

I simply don’t have the money at the moment. But I love my iPod Touch and always have it with me. I’m also a huge geek, and have no worries about looking cool or not, so I’d be perfectly fine having this thing with me. But as I said in another thread, I am excited about what will happen with this device, and what new apps will appear for it. Some of them have the potential to be game-changers.

I’m going to wait a while and see what the consensus is. If it’s sufficiently positive I’ll get one. That’s what I did for the Apple TV, and I’m glad I did (wait and end up not getting it, that is). Bonus: if I wait long enough, I’ll end up getting the better second generation version.

The conventional Apple stuff the school’s got seems to stand up pretty well…but I’m not exactly up on their repair/replace statistics

…with the absolutely essential forward-facing camera that will make it the perfect video chat device.

How they left that off is a mystery. Bad Steve! No cookie!

I haven’t even gotten an iPhone yet. If I can’t be arsed to spend the $$ for that (which would be admittedly useful), I’m not going to spend $500 on something that would be no more than a curious toy for me.

2nd Gen iPad is likely a year away, at least that is the interval for iPhone & iPod Touch.

Ours arrives tomorrow, but I suspect that my wife will monopolize it.

I’m with gaffa, this type of device will be a game changer and Apple has an incredible head start - it is all about the apps…

PC user. I’m not going to get one. And, unless there are some changes, I probably never will.

For me, RealityChuck hit it on the head. It’s still limited as to what it will display, and how it will process. The lack of multitasking and Flash isn’t a dealbreaker on something that costs a couple of bills and fits in my pants pocket. Double the price and quadruple the size, though, and suddenly the benefit that I need to receive in order to justify its cost goes up. What were once minor annoyances become glaring flaws.

As long as the unit’s capablities remain comparable to those of an iPod touch or iPhone, I’m not going to own one.