Apply for more than one position with same company at the same time?

There is a company I’m interested in working for which has two postings I think I could qualify for, but they’re not necessarily related. Would I be better off applying for both, or just the one I think is the best fit (and hope they consider me for the other as well)? This is all via the company’s website, so I’m not sure how they search applications/resumes or if they share them between departments.

Without knowing anything about HR, I’m guessing there might be pros and cons to both approaches? I could see applying for both as a good thing, in case it isn’t obvious I might be interested/qualified for either one, but I could see it as a negative if it might create the appearance I’m applying for a bunch of positions or am desperate or whatever.

Anyone have any input, especially those more familiar with hiring/HR processes? Is there a “right” way to go about something like this? Like I said, the two positions aren’t really all that related to each other, and basically one sounds a lot like half of my current job and the other sounds a lot like the other half.

Go ahead. Tell them you’d qualify for either. Nothing negative will be seen in applying for both.

IME, you would be better off applying for both (I am in HR, not a recruiter, but work closely with the recruiters). We are actually not allowed by OFCCP/Deptartment of Labor laws and statutes and by union contracts to consider someone for a position they have not directly applied for. It can be considered an unfair hiring practice. Even if we have the exact same position but one is 9-5 and the other is 11-7, the applicant needs to directly apply to both.

As long as you tailor your cover letter to each position and don’t just submit the same one for both, there would be no problem applying to both. It’s when you start applying for 47 jobs within the same company, with no eye towards skill fit or experience that it becomes a problem.

Of course, this is just my experience and I know nothing about the company you’re applying for, but applicants and hiring managers alike get frustrated with HR for making applicants reapply for a the same position in a different shift until they understand why.