Job Application Conundrum

Ok, so, I recently came across a job I am very interested in. However, there are actually TWO jobs posted, very similar, except I is more junior and II is more senior. So whoever gets job I and II will be coworkers in the same office with the same type of work, but different levels of responsibility for being solely in charge of stuff. The applications go to the same HR office to be reviewed by the same people.

I am basically a perfect candidate for job I. I’m a strong, but not perfect, candidate for job II, because the “preferred” qualifications for job II involve have a three years experience, and I have two. The two I have are very relevant though.

My husband says there is no harm in applying for both positions. I think it makes Job I look like it’s my “fallback position” when in reality it’s the job I want more and am more likely to get. Therefore, I reason, applying for job II harms my chances at job I.

What say you?

In the old days, I would have advised you to apply for job II, because a little overambition would be a good thing. These days, I’d say your application for II will be summarily thrown out because you don’t have exactly the qualifications it calls for.

But cutting to the chase, if I is the job you want and the job you’re qualified for, don’t waste your time with II.

I would send one resume with one cover letter saying that because of my background I am interested in both positions and mention that the interview process would reveal which one I am more interested in/qualified for.

Huh. I really thought there would be more responses. shrug

luv2draw there isn’t a way to apply for “both jobs at once.” The application process is highly structured and doesn’t even request a cover letter. You apply for a specific position by indicating the desired reference number on your resume. It’ not one of those “if we like you we’ll see where you fit” dealios.

I suspect there is really only a single position. They have posted two with differing requirements to attract a wider variety of applicants. All applicants for both positions will be reviewed together. They will set the title and salary based on the background of who they select. This is commonly done.

I would apply for the more senior position. If I’m correct, it really won’t matter.

They have the option of posting the job as “grade I OR grade II, to be hired at grade II do have [additional qualification]” (which is very commonly done) but they chose not to. In case there’s any confusion this is a government job, which is why all the highly structured process. I’m not even sure that the law allows this particular gov’t agency to post a non-existant job like that. So while you MAY be right I don’t think so.

My experience is in the private sector. I’m not familiar with applying for government jobs. It looks like there are significant differences and experiences with one don’t apply to the other. So, it looks like my experience won’t help you. Sorry.