"Apprentice" finale -- 12/15/05

Tonight’s the night (gonna be all right…)

I’m psyched. For my money, this has been the best season since the first, and I’m totally okay with either of these people winning. (Though of course I like Randal better – you’ve got to prefer someone who gets all goopy about the opportunity to hold hands with his wife for a couple of hours.)

So – was the Party City thing a red herring, or the beginning of the end for Randal? I’m guessing it’s editing misdirection – but we’ll find out tonight.

(And, BTW, since Johnny L.A. ain’t an “Apprentice” fan :stuck_out_tongue: – no need to box spoilers for tonight’s running commentary. Someone will note Spoilers Ahead when the show begins on the East Coast, but we’ll stick with tradition and post openly.)

I hope Robin wins. Rowrr

I’m having a Raj flashback.

Agreed… the unpredictable multiple firings, and Donald shooting off with comments like “some prefer chicken, some prefer steak” have made for good viewing!

On the face of things it sure looked like Rebecca had the advantage at the end of last weeks show. But astwickster said, it’s could well be editing misdirection. I’m pulling for Randal, however.

There is some speculation that Trump might hire them both.

I love RTV situations like this because they’re so rare. You see, I will be happy with either outcome. So I intened to enjoy tonight’s show.

Trump’s candidates make Martha’s look like kindergartners. Dawna and Bethenny are also doing charity events for their final tasks, and the editing makes them both look lost and incompetent, especially Bethenny.

Martha’s gonna have to do some good acting, to make it look like she’ll be happy with one of them.

I’m rooting for Randal too, but Rebecca looks like the better choice, so far.

Can hardly wait!!

Wait, you mean Jim got fired? NOOOOOOOO!!!

I know they give misleading edits during the regular tasks, but has there ever been a misleading edit during the final ones? My impression is that the person with the better edit, however marginally, has won each time. But is that correct?
If so, things look pretty bad for Randel.

Yeah – I gave up on “A:MS” a couple of weeks ago – in what way did he finally go too far?

Nope, but he may have received a nice letter on pastel stationary politely stating that he simlply and regretably did not fit in.

Nothing specific. He was basically weeded out during the interview process for being a loose cannon. That, and for stating that he was treating this whole shebang as a “game.”

Damn. I would’ve liked to see him go out with a bang. (Loose cannon, bang – god, I slay me.) Like reciting feeeelthy French limericks to Alex or something.

Randal’s who I’m pulling for but I also think we might see a double hiring here with one of them getting preference over what they want to run. But I’m in the same house as everyone else where I’ll be happy no matter the outcome.

I think Jim’s interview with the Senior Vice-President did him in, combined with the dinner he’d previously had with the President/CEO. He (the latter) said that Jim described himself as “a sappling in need of nurture” and framed his relations with people in terms of “truth and beauty”, while she (the former) said that his strategic gameplay was not only ill-conceived but disturbing on a psychological level. The CCO (Chief Creative Officer) summed it all up for me. “People like that,” she said, “consume an incredible amount of time”.

Sorry, I got the Senior Veep (man) and CEO/Pres reversed (woman).

Really? That’s kind of silly. The whole shebang is a game. The rules are different than they would be in real life.

Of course, one of the “rules” is “don’t let us catch you acting like you think this whole shebang is a game, even if it really is necessary to approach it as a game” so I suppose it’s a fair cop.

I still believe that both Randal and Rebecca will get hired. I also believe that the less-than-perfect Randal we were shown last week was mostly editing misdirection – the producers are smart enough to want there to be at least a bit of suspense. The edit he gets this time will be the dead giveaway – if he starts off strong, with the skies clearing and the Outback guy happy, that will pretty much feel like vindication to me.

I was sorry to see Jim go on A:MS. He was a one-man freak show, but a fun freak show. The good news is, of course, that we see him “working” for Bethenny on her final task. So he’s still not gone from our screens. Which is good, because if he was, I’d turn off the show immediately; he’s the only entertaining thing on the stupid show.

Not entirely. For example, you can “win” each challenge, yet act like a complete jackass in the process. Such behavior would not endear you to Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Yes, it’s a game, but it’s also an extended job interview. Jim was playing the game at the expense of the image he projected.

Live from Lincoln Center!

Spoilers ahead!

The show just started on the East Coast.


Just kidding. I’m a watcher by force. The Bus Wife will NOT miss this show. So since I’m stuck watching, I thought I might as well hang out here and see what you all think. Me? I’m the Donald, I’m, just hiring the best looking chick. :wink: