Apprentice: Martha: 11/16

This must be like a bizarro week or something. First the Vikings beat the the Giants in New York and then Jimarosa turns out to be the hero of the week.

I was only sorry that Martha didn’t fire Ryan as well. He and Amanda were both so clearly trying to sit back and sabatoge the task just so they could scapegoat Marcella. All their smug snickering and eyerolling was just insufferable. I totally thought they were going to succeed too, and then, out of nowhere, Jim rides to the rescue and gives Marcella a great pep talk and puts a little spine into her. I liked her little comment after their talk. “I now like you, by the way.” I can’t believe I’m saying this but now so do I…at least for this week. He has good in him. Who knew?

Yanno, if Jim’s not going to act like a psycho, there’s no fun in watching the show at all.

I was very impressed with the way Marcela handled herself in the boardroom. She was very calm, eloquent and persuasive.

Well, I suspect his motivation was to keep in a player he feels is absolutely weaker than he is by helping her to boot someone he fears might be a stronger competitor… but, still, I’m glad to have Marcella stay and the way-too-selfsatisfied Amanda gone, so I’ll give Jim kudos anyway.