Apprentice: Martha Stewart 10/26

I don’t usually watch this one, but nothing else struck my fancy last night. Clearly there’s not a huge number of fans here, if no thread.

I really just have one question: Does the sidekick guy ever light his cigars?

OK, two questions: Why didn’t Martha whip up a personality for her daughter amongst the recipes and crafts? I can’t decide if Alexis looks like she’s likely to go on a murdering spree, or if she looks like she already did.

I haven’t had enough interest to actually look this up, but I get a real Chastity Bono vibe from Martha’s daughter. Anyone know if there is a reason for me to feel this?

The daughter was married, now divorced … I think. They were estranged for many years.

No, the sidekick doesn’t ever light his “cigar.”

You didn’t catch a particulary good episode – the guy Jim is a total maniac, and he didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy last night.

I had to go answer the phone at the wrong moment – whose package was the last one auctioned that went for all that money?

I only caught the last half, and haven’t watched the tape yet, but I got the definite sense of Jim crowing about “My win, I won, I’m the winner”…with no credit to the team. Hope this comes back and bites him in the butt. He is so wrong for the job that I can’t believe he’s still on the show.

About Alexis…I don’t know much about their relationship, but I was reading an early Martha Stewart book on weddings the other day, showing Martha as a caterer, and she kept mentioning her plans for Alexis’ wedding, and that she was 21. How old is this girl? I forgot to check the publication date of the book.

I dont remember his name, but it was that designer guy who was going to do something for the house, and a dog to match.

That was Todd Oldham. His brought in $17,000, but was still a distant second to Fran Drescher’s $28,000.

I hate that lady who raised her damn paddle again right when it looked like Hateful Jim was going to lose. I blame the auctioneer as well. She kept dragging it out and dragging it out instead of just banging the damn gavel.

I can’t remember a reality show villain who I’ve detested as much as Jim, not even Omarosa. He’s such a nutcase and a skeeve that every week he doesn’t get fired is becoming more unpleasant to watch. I can only hope that his eventual ousting comes in the way of a satisfying smackdown.

There is absolutely no WAY he could possibly make to the final 2, is there? I get the feeling that he’s only being kept around for ratings and as a tool (in more than one sense) for Martha to evaluate the other candidates with. Anyone who can control Jim and make him useful is a managerial genius.

And did you see that face he made when they were eating? Isn’t there a superhero who does that? Plastic Man? Scared my cat, he did.

I don’t particularly like Amanda but she’s starting to look like a frontrunner.

I think it would certainly call for more than just a normal dismissal. I’m thinking more like a trapdoor. Or a comically large 1-ton weight dropped from the ceiling.
“Before I make my decision, I’d like you all to do something. I want you to stand over in that corner, and you to stand over in that one, and Jim, you stand over by the door. That’s right, on that large sheet of plastic. Now then…”

Kittenblue, Alexis is 39. She got married when she was already past 30, in a judge’s office, and invited a handful of friends and her mother. No “Martha” wedding. I don’t suppose Martha was too pleased, but there wasn’t much she could do about it.

As for Jim…I’m kind of hoping for a conference room meltdown and Martha calling security to remove the guy from the building. As long as no one gets hurt. (Well, Jim can get hurt. That would be fine, actually.)

To a man? I mean, that hair…

In the book she was talking about how she and her husband (and when’s the last time we heard of Martha having one of those) planted all sorts of roses to serve as a backdrop for the future wedding, and hoping that Alexis would get married at the right time of year so they would be in bloom. Guess she didn’t like roses…

I also recall reading one of Martha’s “Letters from Martha” that appeared in the back of one of the issues near Alexis’s wedding. It was sad and poignant (no - really!) - apparently when Martha bought Turkey Hill back in the day, she planted the gardens with the vision of Alexis being married there eventually. I seem to remember Alexis actually ended up getting married either in a civil ceremony wearing trousers!, or in another equally stark setting. Martha was clearly forlorn - it really was sad.


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