Martha Stewart just doesn't fit in.

Dear Martha,

It’s been a real joy having your around the past two months and I really want to encourage you in your proffesional pursuits of the future.

See, the problem is that you just are not interesting, appear weak compared to Donald Trump, and lack the “jerk” quality that makes us love to hate Trump. Believe me, it’s us, not you who has the problem. We need to hate the person who is the face of the show and we just can’t hate you.

It was fun while it lasted, Martha. No, wait, it wasn’t fun at all. That’s why we at NBC have to tell you that…you just don’t fit in.



Is anyone surprised her show is gone? They don’t even have rewards for the winners anymore.

Has it been cancelled? Will they finish the season?

Yeah, they’ll finish the season. It just hasn’t been renewed for next time.

I like her show. Alexis and Cigar are pretty weak, but Martha is good. She’s a terrible interviewer, though. Her daytime show sucks because she doesn’t listen to her guests.

She doesn’t need to listen to her guests – she already knows everything.

Cite. (on the cancellation, not on her being a know-it-all :wink: )

And, you know, I’ve watched the show, and I never remembered her saying “You just don’t fit in.”

I’m not surprised at the non-renewal either. I wonder if Martha even cares. She hasn’t looked too enthused since the first couple of episodes.

Didn’t she say “You don’t fit in” at least once? Maybe it was “You give me fits.” Not sure.

Why are the goooooogle ads all about procrastination?

I assumed this was only a one-shot deal, anyway. I’d only be angry if they weren’t going to broadcast the remaining episodes. Or if that rat bastard Jim won. Though the editors seem to be moving that way…

She said it in the first couple episodes, then seemed to drop it. Now, she just says goodbye and writes a sad leter.

I beg to differ.

It’s probably beneath her at this point, but I’d watch an Oprah Apprentice.

I don’t know what all Oprah does, whether there’d be enough material for 10 or 12 tasks. The candidates could lead a book discussion, interview celebrities, work with the Angel charity group, put together an issue of the magazine.

I don’t know if Oprah would be any better at winnowing candidates though. I didn’t see the ep but I heard that she was sympathetic to Omarosa. If nothing else, that shows a disconnect between Oprah and normal people, even moreso than Donald and Martha.

Never mind. :slight_smile:

I’ve always considered MS to be an incredible bore with not a shred of personality, but I watched it for the curiosity factor. Jim got me hooked. Once he gets canned I’ll bow out.

“You just don’t fit in” was the dismissal on the first episode, but only the first episode. Several episodes later she told someone “You’re just not working for me,” which I liked a lot more than “You just don’t fit in.”

I don’t think it has as much to do with Martha being uninteresting as Martha not being anywhere near as interesting as Lost. C’mon, they put a freshman show on opposite Lost, they certainly couldn’t have expected it to win in the ratings.

I’d like to see Trump go up against Lost, he doesn’t have the guts.

I’m pretty sure she said “You just don’t fit in” at least once in recent weeks. Not that I care; I’m more interested in her Dear John (or whoever) letter, which really shows her true feelings about the candidate (assuming she’s capable of feelings). But I’m there for Jim, too; once he goes, I really don’t know if I can summon the energy to give a crap about who wins.

Although a small piece of me wants it to be Jim just to see how quick Martha pays him off to make him go away. Far, far away.

There’s no way in hell she’d let someone as bumptious as Jim win.

There just isn’t.

Well, I know that. Still, it would be fun. At least my evil self thinks it would.

She ought to just choose Jim to go out with a bang.