Approximate cost of replacement windows

We have annoying crank-out windows that don’t play nicely with window-installed room air-conditioners. Our house has no central air (and doesn’t have any vent infrastructure for getting it), so we’re considering having all of our windows replaced with normal slide-up-and-down windows that we can easily fit with air-conditioners in the summer.

I’ve done some googling, but the places that install replacement windows don’t tell you the cost. (They all seem to want to arrange “in home cost estimates.”) I’d just like to know the approximate cost – to within a couple thousand dollars even – of having someone come and replace the dozen windows in our house with decent-quality new ones. (Including the cost of the windows themselves!) Are we looking at $1000? $10000? $25000?

In case it matters: we live in the Boston area.

Thanks much!


I am a glazer so this is right up my alley. The reason they want to come out to your house is that there are many variables that affect price. Such as how much tear down will be needed to retrofit double hung windows in place of your casement windows. Many people seem to think that a ball park figure given over the phone is an exact quote, and think the window company is trying to rip them off when the price turns out to be $1000 more. That being said you should be able to git the job done for under 10 grand. Possibly much less, but it’s hard to say without seeing the job.

My mother redid her windows last year. She ended paying 10k for 11 double hung windows and 1 bay window. They were Andersen windows but I forget the series.

I just had this done, SF Bay area, exactly the same deal. Old single pane aluminum frame casement jobs that were driving me bonkers. 11 windows plus patio door ran $12K, with 1 window having to be enlarged to meet egress requirements, and including the cost of a city permit. Vinyl dual-pane replacement windows (Milgard, seemingly the standard brand offered by almost all of them around here, and the sort of thing you see on a vast majority of houses), stucco house. They had to knock out stucco, install new windows, make one bigger, and re-stucco. I had to repaint the stucco. The patio door was about $2K worth of it, and the estimates I got were all within 20% of each other.

As noted, there will be a lot of variables, and you aren’t going to get a realistic assessment without them coming and looking. You might as well figure that you are going to have a few of them drop by and make quotes. But around $10K might be the very, very rough idea.

WAG $5/6,000 depending on sizes, type of construction, type of glass, (UV-blocking), etc. etc.
Let me suggest lining up 3 estimates over 3 consecutive days and get firm estimates with option of acceptance within a aweek.
Usually no charge for the estimates, they are desparate for your order.
Vinyl with gas filled sealed glass provide insulation in hot and cold weather and blocks out solar radiation harmful to household furnishing.

Thanks, you four! That was exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :slight_smile: