April 6th

How many people do you know born on this date?

I was… I don’t know of anyone else, though. (Er, personally, anyway. I know that Houdini was, and I think Lando was, too.)

My cousin was born on April 6th, also one of my best friends. So 2.


But then, I don’t know very many people to begin with.

One! And all of you that posted here now do too. (Hint: It ain’t me.)

One of my best friends.

Well, um … this is a bit embarrassing, but that’s my stuffed kangaroo’s birthday. Her name is Carol Kangaroo.

I’m not sure she counts because she wasn’t actually born on that date; I just decided it would be her birthday because I liked April and the number six. Makes sense when you’re three.

Me & my friend Charlene.

Did you know you can access state birth records, free, online? Just need to know the name & the state.

Only one…my sister.

My grandpa.

I was born on April 6th.

Wierd thing, I work in a call centre on the phone and I was speaking to someone today whose birthday was the exact same as mine, day, month, year. Talk about freaky :eek:

So, two. And the rest in this thread :slight_smile:


OK, how’s this for a wierd coincidence… I just signed up for the boards today, and this thread caught my eye…
Because my bornsday is April 6th. The doctor said I was supposed to be an April Fools Day (Apr 1 for those not familiar with the holiday), but as with the rest of my life I procrastinated… grin

Oh and FYI two years ago, the US govt declared April 6th as national Scottish Day. Brings a tear to this mutt-but-with-a-significant-Scottish-heritage proud it does… sniff…

I have a friend whose birthday is April 6. He is the nicest guy, which makes me think there must be something special about this date.

April 6th Birthday here.
Raises hand
I don’t know of anyone else besides me.

I was born on…April 7th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t (the 20th) and I don’t know anyone who was, but…,

I’m curious…, what’s the significance of April 6th (other than the b-day of many of these fantastic people)?