Today's my birthday

No, really, today’s my birthday. Always has been. My email is filled with both “Happy Birthday” coupon codes and April Fool’s jokes from lists I subscribe to. I had a “wait, what?” moment on this one: "Happy Birthday! Here’s 15% off. April Fool’s! (We know it’s not really your birthday)


Happy Birthday! I wonder how being an April Fool baby compares to being a Christmas baby. Lots of gag gifts?

Happy birthday! You’re not the only one.

And today is exactly 6 months from my own birthday, and my husband’s.

Happy Birthday indeed!

This was also my dad’s birthday. He was a singularly unattractive baby (he improved a lot later) and when, as was the custom then, he was brought to my grandmother after being cleaned up and swaddled, she thought it was the nurse playing a joke and demanded her ‘real’ baby, instead of the ugly one they brought her! :slight_smile:

One of my coworkers too.

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy B-day. It’s our 23rd anniversary, so we also get a lot of hur-de-hur comments.


For some reason, as a child, I absolutely hated that my birthday is on April Fool’s, so my brothers were forbidden by my parents to give me gag gifts. As I have grown up, and apparently developed a sense of humor, I love it. Now I wish more people would give me gag gifts - go figure :roll eyes:

My son was born the day after Christmas, and I’ll take April Fool’s Day over that any time.

And thanks for the birthday wishes :smiley:

So you only have a birthday once every 4 years? What’s that like?

Oh, wait, that’s for birthdays on some other weird day -ummmmm, Groundhog Day, maybe.