Happy Xmas B-day

to Cyrin, airdisc and myself. And the widdle baby Jesus.

Happy Birthday folks!

(Çyrin, if I hear you got more PC hardware, I will personaly come down there and …well…beg to play with it. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!
My son’s birthday is in January, and people have forever given him one gift to tide him over for both. I’m sure that must suck. Of course, he’s been taught to appreciate what he’s given, so he doesn’t complain.

I never complained either - Just stewed quietly in my bitterness and resentment ;).

Stupid, lucky summer babies and their two gift-getting days a year - How I hate them all :p.

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Happy Birthday, all.

I had a friend once that was a Christmas baby. She celebrated her birthday on June 25th, exactly 6 months early, so she wouldn’t have to wait all year for one huge gift-giving opportunity. Worked for her!

A few years ago I gave a friend a Christmas present, but all I had was “Happy Birthday” wrapping paper. I took a pen and made it say, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” instead.

Happy birthday y’all.

I’m a New Year’s eve baby, but my folks always made sure I got presents for both Christmas and my birthday! They were cool! :slight_smile:

I know at least four people whose birthday is on Christmas Day. Happy birthday to Chung Yan, Tony (who was actually born the same year as Chung), Juliana, and Steven. :slight_smile:


I was born on Groundhog Day myself, so I know how y’all feel about holiday birthdays. I swear my parents cared more about that stinkin rodent than me.


My mom, too! And Happy Bday, all of yiz!

New Year’s Baby here, with a mother born on 12/30, a cousin on 12/31, and a nephew on 1/4. I always make sure to get 'em all two separate presents. I’ve been through the “I got you an extra special present for Xmas AND your birthday” thing waaaaay too much. My mother suggested I get my nephew one present this year, and I had to yell at her - she was born 12/30! She should KNOW better!