Happy Birthday, Annie-Xmas!

(it’s tomorrow, Dec. 25th, naturally)

Everybody sing!

Happy Birthday to You!..

Happy birthday! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday! Sorry, I bought you only one gift.

Happy Birthday! And many more.

May Chuck Pumpkins show up riding a big old Lombardy Pudding Elk and bearing many BIRTHDAY gifts for you.

Cheers on your special day!

Happy birthday Annie!

Happy Birthday!

Have a happy birthday!! :slight_smile:

You know, Jesus is really pissed His birthday falls on Christmas.

Happy birthday, A-X!

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Wow! What are the chances that someone with the surname Xmas would actually be born on Xmas? Your parents were masters of timing!


Happy birthday!

Dammit, you stole my joke. I clicked on this topic planning to say something along those lines.

Happy birthday anyway, though, Annie! :smiley:

Happy Birthday! It’s YOUR day today and I hope it’s wonderful!

Happy birthday, Annie!

Being Lutheran I sing badly and loud so I’ll just wish you a Happy Birthday and leave the tunes to those so skilled. :wink:

Happy Birthday Annie!

Didn’t realize, or maybe forgot this was your birthday. I understand lots of people are celebrating.

Wishing you a happy birthday!

All the best, would that Lassie come home!

…and many moooore!

Well, thank you to everyone. I really appreciate it.

For those who are interested, I talked to both my siblings, had French toast at IHOP. worked 7 hours (double pay! Whoo Hoo!), went home, had ice cream and hot tea, watched 4 Xmas episodes of Big Bang (Sheldon’s reaction to the napkin! Best scene ever!), turned over the the news, heard George Michael died (WTF!), had more tea and went to bed.

All in all, quite a nice day.

And sorry for the late reply. My Internet access is the library, which was closed for two days.