April Fool's Day 2014

Each year there is usually a thread compiling the April Fools day jokes on the Internet. I didn’t see one so I am starting one:

Google has a link to a service that puts David Hasslehoff in your pictures.
Netflix recommended to me a movie called Rotisserie Chicken.

Any others?

I was going to call my husband this morning, and tell him I was in (another) car fender bender. I totally forgot. Now it is too late for that one. If anyone knows of a good one to play, let me know.

Annual April Fool’s Joke: reddit

I noticed something weird on Chrome Mobile - you can translate any page you’re on into Emoji. It’s disturbingly coherent.

If you’ve ever watched those Kid’s React videos or the spin-off series, you might enjoy this video. If you don’t, the video is likely still up the SDMB alley.

Spoiler for the video challenged:

Cats react to viral videos. Some of the “adolescent” cats actually give some cool reactions, but mostly it’s just watching cats be hilarious.

Fark.com is pretending it is 2004, and has some articles on Sarah Palin and Barack Obama that are kinda funny.

Google is adding a feature to add “#hoffsome”-ness to its Google+ photos.

I forgot it was April Fools Day until I got in my car this a.m. I always listen to the same radio station, driving my girls to school, and then driving to work.

Well today, they were doing the news in Spanish. I was getting very annoyed, thinking “do they not know that they are doing the news in Spanish”??? I even checked to make sure I had it on the right station.

They did the news for around 3-5 minutes in Spanish. It was not until they started playing music again, that I started thinking, what is going on??? Ding, Ding, Ding. I am so gullible, and every year I forget, and every year something like this happens to me.:smack:

Link to announcement: Google Chrome Blog: A faster, mobile(r) web with Emoji

NPR’s Morning Edition news show had a feature on a company that trains cat owners in the fine points of making viral cat videos.

They did very good job with the “leaked” credits for Hobbit III (pencil drawings like they had for ROTK)


Forget about self-driving cars, Tesla is developing pet-driving cars!

“My little chum, Eric the goldfish, has an uncanny sense for what direction to swim or drive,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “I would trust him anywhere.”

Was checking out Rate My Professors (don’t judge me) today. They were advertising a “Date your professor” dating service for students to reach out to the profs they find attractive.

Actual dogs driving actual cars…


I sent a very serious email to all my kids, explaining how now that I’m older, I’m more concerned about my eternal soul and have been exploring different philosophies. Then I told them that I had settled on Scientology and how I’m a big admirer of Tom Cruise and how he gives the church real gravitas. Then I told them that I’m going in whole hog and will be writing some large checks to the Church as I liquidate my assets.

There were some semi-panicked replies. :smiley:

I pulled perhaps the single greatest “gotcha” in my life yesterday. I didn’t even realize until after that it was done on April Fools Day.

I can’t go into details, but I will post something after the legal dust settles…

I think I mentioned it in a different thread, but as of yesterday I now have an “office”. (My company uses open plan workspaces.) My “office” is ala Les Nessman: yellow tape, dotted line door. Unfortunately, only 4 people I work with understood the reference to WKRP; some of the others understood it was an “office”, but didn’t know where I got the idea. My manager is much amused by the fact that I am entering and leaving via the “door”, rather than walking through the “walls”.

I’m leaving it up until they make me take it down. Or until I get tired of it, whichever comes first. This is a benefit of working for a software company - we have lots of creative, eccentric people and it fits in.