Aransas Cty (TX) judge beats daughter for downloading from the Internet (2004 incident)

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I guess what I don’t understand is why would he tape it?

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What a nasty person, he’s putting everything he has got in those belt lashings. Think I even felt some of those. And that sadistic desire for submission, that really gave me cold chills down my spine.

I don’t care what she did wrong or what she pulled of the internet, this is just plain wrong.

I don’t think the ‘judge’ is taping, his daughter is. Good for her, hope she’s doing fine.

Aransas, not Arkansas.

The guys a piece of crap IMHO, no child, no person, should be treated that way.

As far as the girl goes, I applaud her courage, but I worry that nothing good will come of her posting this. It is obvious to me that this guy has no problem going after her and would be happy to have her prosecuted under wiretapping laws.

Whoa, what the fuck is going on here? That’s really fucked up. :frowning:

Kind of surprised it’s up on YouTube still.

My state. So far I haven’t heard anything on our local tv news. That will probably change very soon.

Worth noting he’s listed as a county judge. Those are elected here. He’s not listed on the 2012 primary next May.,_2012

If this video is proven true he could certainly be recalled.

His seat.,_Texas

Haha, for sure he’s f**ked now. This is going to explode.

What was she downloading anyway, the Communist Manifesto?

Some people in the youtube comment section are saying it’s okay because hey they were beat too, and they turned out fine. Interesting viewpoint and I don’t think all physical punishment = bad. Or at least I don’t think spanking should get your kids taken away.

This is wrong in my opinion though. Sick actually.

Well, reading between the lines of her description, “for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time”, she was illegally downloading music and games, it sounds like.

This will probably hurt him, but on the other hand, it’s Aransas County, Texas. Whooping kids with a belt isn’t entirely unknown down there.

Ten to one he had an erection while he was beating her. I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of that video. He should be slowly tortured to death.

Just realized this Judge isn’t an Arkansas judge.

He is a judge in Aransas County Texas. Close spelling but definitively not in my state. Note the spelling in the judges seat link I provided earlier. Even judgepedia spells it Aransas.

Here is the Aransas county web site. Like everyone else, I thought someone misspelled Arkansas.

Still, it’s a terrible crime and I hope the guy is recalled from his seat.

You ever read the comments at youtube? They’re not actually honor roll level.

Good god in heaven.

Your kid is downloading illegal videos and games? Take away the computer. Or ground them. Or assign extra chores or something.

But you DON’T beat a teenager with a belt while screaming obscenities at them and saying things like “You should be out of the fucking house.” Nice language pal. I swear a lot too, but I wouldn’t do it while disciplining my kids. I don’t even have kids and I know that much.

Christ, that sort of reaction to questionable downloading? Is that the same thing as armed robbery now?

“Bend over on your fucking stomach, NOW! NOW GODDAMMIT!” Yeah, that’s good parenting. He probably says that to the wife a lot too.

True true. I shouldn’t have let everyone know I read those. :stuck_out_tongue: Just thought it was interesting.

Huh, so the RIAA really does control the American judiciary… who knew?

If he runs again, I predict he will be re-elected in a landslide. He will not face any criminal charges for beating his daughter (also, I wonder what the statute of limitation is for assault or battery or child abuse). There will be some pro forma investigation by whatever child welfare system Texas has, and nothing will be done by them either.

The net result will be that he destroys her video camera and then beats her again.

This is one of those times where I’m glad guns are easy to get a hold of. She should get one, and shoot him if he ever comes at her like that again.