Arcade Fire: songs not on regular albums

My friend are going to go through all of Arcade Fire’s music and rate and comment on the songs.

What songs of theirs are not on their main albums? E.g., soundtracks, compilations, live albums, etc.

Thanks for your guidance!

So all their songs are on their regular albums?

Stuff with asterisks is on Spotify. I didn’t check other music services.

There are deluxe versions* of Reflektor and The Suburbs with extra tracks.

Arcade Fire has two EPs. The first was self-titled, (a.k.a. Us Kids Know). It has an early version of “No Cars Go” and six other tracks. The second is called Live EP (Live at Fashion Rocks) and features David Bowie. It contains versions of “Life on Mars?”, “Wake Up,” and “Five Years.”

This is what I could find that was unique to their singles:

The UK black 7" of “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” has a live version of “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” featuring David Byrne.

"Cold Wind" is on Volume 2 of the Six Feet Under soundtrack. It was also released as a single; it features a performance of “Brazil” as the B-side. “Rebellion (Lies)” also has the same B-side.

"Broken Window"* is the B-side of the “Keep the Car Running” single.

"Surf City Eastern Bloc"* is the B-side of the “No Cars Go” single.

"Poupée de cire, poupée de son" is a cover of the Eurovision 1965 winner. It was released on a split single with some LCD Soundsystem song I don’t recall.

"Lenin" is on Dark Was the Night, a Red Hot Organization compilation.

"Abraham’s Daughter"* is on The Hunger Games soundtrack; “Horn of Plenty”* (Panem’s anthem, which Arcade Fire wrote) is on its score.

Peter Gabriel released a covers album, Scratch My Back, which had a cover of “My Body is a Cage.” Gabriel also released a companion album, And I’ll Scratch Yours, which consisted of covers of Gabriel songs by the bands covered on Scratch My Back. Arcade Fire contributed “Games without Frontiers”.


Very helpful, Kimble, thank you!

going to have to search for this one

(wan’t hard to find)