Archie Comics to reveal Jughead's sexual orientation

…or lack thereof

Archie Comic Reveals Jughead Is Asexual

Wow, that reboot looks…terrible. How long have Archie comics looked and sounded like that? In

day Jughead would never said something like, “It’s why I can think clearly and see this administration for what it is! I’m not hobbled by these hormonal impulses!” Instead he would have made some pun then laid down in a hammock with a hamburger.

That doesn’t mean he’s asexual.

“Tonight, on Choklit Shoppe After Dark…”

Guy looks like a fucking woodpecker. And “Betty and Whatsername”? Come on.

I had him figured more as a burgersexual.

And you have a beef with him being asexual?

(Honestly, ‘asexual’ was what I thought before clicking this thread. Not a big shock.)

The Archie series of comics apparently started experimenting with new art last year. I believe the art you’re looking at is from Fiona Staples.

Erica Henderson per the caption.

And, yeah, that looks God awful. I suppose they need to mix it up and stay contemporary and all that but that art just looks bad no matter what comic its illustrating. I guess I’m probably not the Archie target demographic though.

That’s going to ruin a couple of scenes in Chasing Amy.

I dunno, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that art style per se… except that it just doesn’t look like Archie. When you’ve got a book being published continually with the same art style for that many decades, you don’t just go and change it.

Agreed: the art sucks, the dialog isn’t consistent with the character as previously developed, but yeah Jughead is and has always been asexual. In fact he’s the poster child for asexual.

There was a comic book story once–I think it was connected to the Archie:To Riverdale and Back Again TV movie–where the gang, much older, gets together for their 20th Anniversary and Jughead is married to the surprisingly okay-looking Ethel (formerly known as Big Ethel). Or was it Midge? It’s been a while. Gene Colan, of all people, drew it.

Married Jughead page here

Not sure what led up to this though.

Does this mean we have to add an A to LGBTQQ?

You do if you want to increase your monthly sales by about ten fold, which is what happened with Archie comics after the reboot. They went from selling around 3,500 books a month to over 30,000, with a brief peak of over 100,000 for the first issue of the reboot. (The last issue before the reboot - #666, humorously enough - got a bump to about 17,000, presumably on buzz over it ending.)

Also, I will fight any man who questions the artistic chops of Erica Henderson.

Jughead’s interest in romance has been portrayed inconsistently, at best. As the writer on the book put it:

In trying to eradicate traditional all-white culture, some people will go into things like injecting the issue of sexual orientation into children’s comics. That’s how I see it.

:rolleyes: The characters sexual orientation has been part of Archie comics since 1941; when Archie first tried to woo Betty Cooper in Pep Comics #22. Then Veronica Lodge moved to town in Pep Comics #26 and America’s favorite love triangle was born.


Archie has always been all about sexual orientation :smack: - specifically the heterosexual orientations of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Midge & Moose, Big Ethel, etc.

Are you saying that none of the teenagers should be pursuing any sort of relationships? Because the minute one of them starts making hearteyes at another, that’s injecting sexual orientation into the comic.

eta: What Alphaboi said.

Who’s doing what now?

Wow. They found a way to make Archie comics suck even more. * That Wilkin Boy* is now actually good by comparison.