Who else is gay in Archie comics?

The media is proclaim the new character, Kevin, as “the first openly gay” character in Midvale. The implication here is that there is at least one other who is gay, but just not openly. Who could that be?

Miss Grundy, I’m guessing. And Jughead. He may have started dating girls recently (as in, the last twenty years) but he’s not fooling anyone.

I’d say Dilton Doiley, but apparently he digs robots.

Reggie- that whole Lothario thing is SUCH a front!

That was so wrong.

To the OP- you can’t tell me Betty & Veronica have never sipped champaigne out of the pink slipper.

Semi-seriously, anyone ever see the Spire Christian Comics series of Archie done by Al Hartley?- boy, what a special-issue come have come out of this!

Cmon, guys. Haven’t you ever seen Chasing Amy before? There’s an entire sequence devoted to this:

“Archie is the bitch and Jughead is the butch. That’s why Jughead wears that crown-looking hat all the time.”

Archie probably dominates Jughead sometimes, though. I mean, shit, it is his book.


They live in Riverdale. :slight_smile:

That’s a no-brainer: Moose and Dilton.

Mr. Weatherby.

Gotta be Moose. It’s always the one you least suspect. Oh wait, no it isn’t… let’s just go with Moose anyway.

I don’t know the names of any of the Archie artists, but I recognize the oddball style of the robot-story artist - everyone seems to be leaning forward, as though bipedal evolution had not completely taken hold in Riverdale.

Definitely Mrs. Grundy.

Always thought of her as asexual. (Of course, that might be because it would be just so disturbing to think of her as anything else . . . but I suspect most of her real-life models are asexual.)

Didn’t somebody use the Archie characters to make some Jack Chick-like stories during the seventies? Whoever that was, they’re either spinning in their grave, or their head is exploding right now.

Yep, I actually remember seeing some of those comic books when I was a kid. I don’t think they were actually Jack Chick, but the stories did definitely have a Gospel spin.

No, they were legitimate Archie comics.

I’ll second that. His vanity is way past metrosexual territory.

Mmm. How about Melody?

Of course it’s Moose. How else do you explain his inability to suppress his rage when any of his friends so much as talked to Midge? He was willing to physical assault Archie and Reggie for the slightest “infraction”. Clearly this was an expression of a perceived threat to his “manliness” compounded by his inner cock sucking inclinations. I believe in upcoming issues he is revealed to be a sadistic serial killer of the Dahmer mould.

Well, Archie has had his moments…