Archie nitpick: Why does animated Veronica always talk like a Southern belle?

(Whereas her father, when he appears, has no Southern accent at all.)

She’s from a rich family named Lodge! She should talk like a Boston brahmin! Bound for Wellesley or Vassar!

When does she talk like a Southern belle?

The only time I heard her do it, it was in the late 1960s TV cartoon. And I hated it then – in the comics, AFAIK, they give no indication.

In every animated rendition I’ve ever seen.

She doesn’t talk that way in the recent ones my daughter’s watched.

One of the recent ones is Archie’;s Weird Mysteries. No southern accent for Veronica in that.

I figure it’s to further differentiate her from Betty. What does Veronica’s mother talk like?

Not to hijack, but while we’re on the subject of Archie: what is all that “cross-hatching” on the side/back of his hair supposed to represent?



Short hair, like cut with a #1 or #1-1/2 guard, I always assumed.

I wanna know why Archie, and Betty, and Veronica, and Jughead, and Reggie, and Moose, and Midge never show up with Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

“You’ll be locked up in prison until the cross-hatching on your head turns gray.”

Slight Hijack: Archie and the gang’s getting a new, more “realistic” look. I don’t like it.

Dam’ straight. Betty is NOT Lizzie McGuire.

It is a little weird-looking, but Archie is pretty much of a hottie now.

PRET-ty sure he’s playin’ for the other team, matt.

Could be wrong, I suppose.

Fair enough, but I still get to drool. And there’s always Jughead.

Well, until you’ve seen his upgrade, Jughead’s kind of a pig in a poke, isn’t he?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya, buddy.

Oh please, he’s got two, sometimes three hot chicks lined up and he’s not banging any of them, despite the fact that two of them are “bad” girls and the remainder absolutely worships him. And this has been going on since the thirties.

Boy’s so deep in the closet that he’s finding next year’s Christmas presents.

Also Jughead is totally gay, for hamburgers. No, I don’t understand it either, but it’s true.