Archive search and SDMB search both work

After a heroic effort, the tech guys have gotten both archive search and the SDMB search to work. Archive search (click archive on the main screen, then scroll down) is particularly cool. You’re welcome.

I used the search engine several times this morning, and it was working beautifully. Thanks, Ed, and way to go, techies! :slight_smile:

Enough of voting for the lesser of evils - vote Cthulhu 2000!

Fantastic! My eternal gratitude to all.

awesome! I can search MPSIMS again! Thanks!

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Thanks, Ed! I think a nice bottle of single malt for the techies would be the appropriate gesture. :slight_smile:

  • Rick

I don’t know Bricker, juding from the age group of the techs I seem to run into the most, I think chocolate milk might be appropriate.

Good job people!

Ahhhh, search works.

(I thought Bricker was talking about chocolate malt. Woulda worked for me.)


Goodie! Now I can start stalking Bucky and Arnold . . .

Is this a challenge? From now on, any post by Eve will be immediately followed from a post by yours truly (with a humorous, witty commentary guaranteed to put your brain cells to work.)

I’d like to say that Eve would join the large group of beautiful women already stalking me, but sadly, that’s not the case.

"Where ever you go . . .
What ever you do . . .
I want you to know . . .
I’m following you . . . "

I’m gonna put the kibosh on that plan right now, Arnold.

Damn! Back to plan B.

Yeah, it works just fine. I used it this morning to find an old thread in GD.


When all else fails, ask Cecil.

Thank you, Ed!

Thank you, tech people!

Thank you, TubaDiva for patiently fielding our complaints!

“No,” he replied, and smiled seraphically, as was his wont.

A humble thanks to all!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

With the search working, GQ is back to its normal awsome self, with people posting links to avoid duplication.

That allows people to go more in depth with the answers they do give.

The search function is therefore an important tool in the ongoing fight against ignorance.

Thank you for returning it to us. It couldn’t have been easy.

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I want to add my heartfelt thanks. Also noticed the Columns search has been fixed to search all three archives simultaneously. No more searching in recent, classic, & mailbag!

(But I still can’t find my posts. :frowning: )

Hmm, nobody seems to want to stalk me.

Maybe I should stalk myself…