Archiving large quantity of print-outs

Hi all,

I just got a semster of Univerisity through, and I am having headache as to how to archive all the tutorial, lecture and supplementary notes. I could just throw them away, but I got a nagging feeling that I might need them somedays…

…and also, I have a habit of printing out articles (mostly on programming and stuff like that) and after reading through them have no idea how to file them easily. I hate punching holes and dealing with ring files.

Mind sharing some ideas on how to deal with so many pieces of papers?

Thanks in advance!

Well, my preferred way is a three-hole punch and a legion of binders, but you seem not to like that. Heh.

Expanding files are neat, though. I have one that’s plastic and looks like a binder, so it sits happily on a shelf. The ones with flaps are best if you don’t have a filing cabinet. I think one per semester ought to be enough.

For the kind of paperwork that I keep ‘just in case’ I use A4 cardboard archive boxes like this one - the paper does not need punching and the boxes can be labeled and put on a shelf just like binders.