Archiving the forums by subject?

Would it be possible to archive old posts by subject? And by subject, I mean using the OP as a guide. For example, you could have categories such as Entertainment, Politics, Sex, Computers, etc. Of course, it would be costly. I think it would a neat addition and make things easier to search for.

Just a’wonderin’…

Yeah, it would be POSSIBLE, but I am not going to do it unless I get an awful lot of free time on my hands. And that’s not gonna happen for a while. And I’d want the go-ahead from Ed, Tuba, and the Reader.

Yeah, but I see big problems in categorizing. Where would you put the “Is it the Republicans’ fault that there’s no really good naked Jello wrestling computer games?” thread?

That’s an easy one. Great Debates, of course. :smiley:

Actually, this has been discussed in the mods’ email. It’s something that we’d like to see happen. We’d like to archive things like the “Three Men and a Baby” ghost, the gry riddle, locks on 24 hour convenience stores, and other things that occur every now and then. I think that it probably will happen sooner or later. However, there are no OFFICIAL plans to put it into action that I know of.