Archiving Yahoo mail?

I have several hundred emails in a Yahoo account that I’d like to forward to my Gmail account. After searching throught the options, I can’t find a way to forward them en masse. Being that there are nearly a thousand I’d like to keep, doing it one by one seems like a giant pain.

Anyone know if it’s possible to do this?

Here’s the only way I know that should work - sign up for Yahoo Premium Email, which gives you SMTP access. Then access it with a Gmail account. Hint: clean out the Yahoo spam folder first.

However, there’s a small chance you already have it for free. SMTP access was silently given to many accounts, apparently mostly in the UK. If so, when you try to sign up for Yahoo premium, you’ll be told the option is not available (because essentially you already have it).

I have one account like that, even though I live in Chicago. I suspect it’s because long ago I signed up for the beta rollout of the current interface. It was rolled out for the UK first, so I just changed my location and got into the beta.

Recently on another Yahoo account I changed my location to the UK to see if I could get the free premium that way. It didn’t work.

Thanks rowrrbazzle, I appreciate it. Looks like the only method, which is fine. I fully expected to be able to select multiple messges and forward them.