I'm tired of Yahoo's email interface. Can I receive Yahoo emails in gmail?

Yahoo’s email interface and the site in general is terrible. However, I have had my Yahoo email since 2005 or so and really like it.

I’m on Firefox and would like to setup gmail’s site on there to receive my Yahoo emails. Is this possible? If so, how?

You sure can. Here’s how.

You can have all of your yahoo mail forwarded to your gmail, which is what cochrane’s link is describing. Note however that if you reply to a message that has been forwarded from yahoo, the reply is going to come from your gmail account and not from your yahoo account.

If forwarding accomplishes all that you want, then just follow cochrane’s link. If you want to actually be able to reply to yahoo messages from gmail and have the reply come from your yahoo account, I don’t think that’s possible.

If you look at cochrane’s link there’s also an option in their for POP (Post Office Protocol) access. Not showing there but a quick search says is available from yahoo is the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol.) Both allow you to use a separate email client to manage your yahoo email. One of the advantages over simple bulk forwarding is that responding actually comes from your yahoo account not your gmail.

Even cooler gmail let’s you set up your account to access other email accounts through POP/IMAP. It’s a relatively full featured web based email client not just an interface to access gmail.

A comparison of POP and IMAP that, towards the end, breaks down the discussion into a couple simple bullets points to help you decide which fits best.

I thought Yahoo didn’t allow POP and IMAP access to their accounts these days.

Mahaloth - One other option is switching to the Yahoo Basic interface. It normally only prompts you to make the switch if it thinks you have a slow connection but you can choose it manually. That different interface might be more to your liking and it’s pretty simple to make the change.

The settings for their servers are in their help. It’s Yahoo so barring trying to set it up myself I wouldn’t say it’s 100% sure. :smiley:

Yahoo resells email services to ISPs who want to outsource and supports POP and SMTP access for their customers’ local clients, so I would assume that, as noted above, they support it for their own users, too.

I suggest using Mozilla Thunderbird for email; I’ve been using it for years with many email accounts from many providers. You fiddle with it once to get it set up, then have the same interface for all your accounts so you don’t have to relearn when an email provider decides to change things.

Yes, you can check your Yahoo! Mail with Gmail. And you can set it up where the stuff you get from there replies back with your Yahoo address.

I do this with Hotmail. And, since they have weird problems with POP lately, I’ve resorted to them forwarding the mail. Everything above still works.

Google will verify that you actually have control of that Yahoo! email account before letting you do it, BTW. It’s not like the old days when I was able to simply type whatever from address I wanted into Lynx.