are 24-hour local news stations normal?

one of the things that surprised me when i moved to austin was “News 8 Austin”, a 24-hour local news station. i grew up in houston, and i don’t remember any 24 hr news station.
so is this unique to austin? how many doper’s out there have a local newse (and only local news) staion? and if you do, what city do you live in?

and to you houston dopers, am i just remembering incorrectly? was there in fact an all local news station that has slipped my memory?

thanks to all y’alls input.

There’s one in Rochester, NY and a cable local news station in New York City.

Here’s a list of 24-hour news stations around the country. Wherever the population can support the ad revenue, it seems you’ll find one, judging byt this map. So, yes, it is normal.

  1. News 12 Long Island; Woodbury, New York
  2. New York 1 News (NY1 News); New York, New York
  3. News 12 Westchester; Yonkers, New York
  4. Neighborhood News 12; Hicksville, New York
  5. News 12 The Bronx; Bronx, New York
  6. News 12 New Jersey; Edison, New Jersey
  7. News 12 Connecticut; Norwalk, Connecticut
  8. Rhode Island News Channel; Providence, Rhode Island
  9. New England Cable News (NECN); Newton, Massachusetts
  10. Regional News Network (RNN); Kingston, New York
  11. R News; Rochester, New York
  12. Tri-State Media News (TSM News); New Castle, Delaware
  13. Newschannel 8; Springfield, Virginia
  14. Local News on Cable (LNC); Norfolk, Virginia
  15. Six News Now (SNN); Sarasota, Florida
  16. Bay News 9; Pinellas Park, Florida
  17. Central Florida News 13 (CFN13); Orlando, Florida
  18. Florida’s News Channel (FNC); Tallahassee, Florida
  19. Gwinnett News & Entertainment Television (GNET); Lawrenceville, Georgia
  20. Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  21. Ohio News Network (ONN); Columbus, Ohio
  22. ChicagoLand Television News (CLTV); Oak Brook, Illinois
  23. NewsChannel 5+; Nashville, Tennessee
  24. Newswatch 15; New Orleans, Louisiana
  25. News 8 Austin; Austin, Texas
  26. Texas Cable News (TxCN); Dallas, Texas
  27. News Now 53; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  28. News On One; Omaha, Nebraska
  29. The Arizona News Channel; Phoenix, Arizona
  30. Las Vegas One; Las Vegas, Nevada
  31. NorthWest Cable News (NWCN); Seattle, Washington
  32. Bay TV; San Francisco, California
  33. Orange County News (OCN); Santa Ana, California
  34. San Diego’s Newschannel 15; San Diego, California

Orlando News Channel 13
Most of the local (and major national) news is covered within the first 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of international coverage, and ‘fluffy’ fun local feel-good stories, mixed in with weather & traffic).

Coverage repeats for about 6 hours (except for the traffic & weather). You can tell, becuase the anchorperson makes a slightly different broad-sweeping hand gesture.

These are cable news stations right?

nope, news 8 in austin isn’t cable Markxxx. i’d imagine the others mentioned are on regular tv, too.

I believe CLTV in Chicago is cable-only, and I’m also pretty confident that New England Cable News, Local News on Cable(Norfolk), Pittsburgh Cable News Channel, Texas Cable News(Dallas), NorthWest Cable News(Seattle) are not broadcast. Also, I think the channels with “One” in their names are cable-only, as there is no broadcast channel one.