Are Aliens Visiting Earth?

BTW since that incident does point to a different triangle, the answer is the same, there are other explanations that point to the incident not being an alien craft.

Hard to say how smart other hominids were, or how much smarter they evolved to be before they died out, but once you have traded any of your non-intelligence based survival traits for having intelligence, it makes sense to continue down that road.

It’s hard to tell the likelihood of intelligence arising, as we have few samples and even fewer controls to work with, but I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be assumed to be inevitable, even if conditions are right for it.

And that’s my argument on the Fermi Paradox as well. It may well be that in 100,000 years, we can look back, and say “given how quickly sentient species transform their galaxy it seems that any sentient species is likely to find itself the first in its galaxy.”

If we are first, and we do go out and colonize and exploit the galaxy, then we could very well prevent any other species from arising, even it that’s not our intent.

I wasn’t only thinking of hominids though. There are many species that have gained learning ability after their branch with their common ancestor to us. Probably the majority of all mammals, especially cetaceans, then a few random ones like crows, octopuses etc.

Absolutely. However. we don’t yet know why we would be the first.
The window of opportunity is most of deep time, even assuming we need a high metallicity star. Of course we can speculate reasons why intelligent life in the preceding billions of years was unlikely, but we don’t know yet, and that’s the point.

The Department of Defense’s Office of the Inspector General will conduct an audit of the UFO task force to evaluate its performance and to establish whether it’s receiving the appropriate support from other defense agencies:

Christopher Mellon - a former high-level US Government official - went on the Joe Rogan show to make his case for the undeniable reality of UFOs. During the conversation, Mellon questioned the ability of foreign adversaries to build and deploy aerial vehicles with capabilities similar to those attributed to UFOs. Mellon speculates that these crafts could belong to off-world civilizations with unknown interests in our planet.

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None of the clips or photos made public so far cannot be explained by mundane phenomena. Some of them (such as the pyramidal bokeh clip) are of insultingly poor quality.

Is that the best evidence they have?

Just out of curiosity, since you seem to like videos on this subject, did you watch the video that I posted with the interview with the guy that explains these video artifacts?

It pretty well explains why the capabilities attributed to UFOs are not the actual capabilities of the objects captured on video.

That’s a rhetorical question, I assume.

Well that shows that you did miss an implied point about how early UFOlogists explained the funny thing that UFOs looked, for the people of the past, as what flying crafts were going to look in a few years. Occam’s razor says one should drop the wishful thinking and realize that sometimes (most of the time the UFOs are artifacts in cameras or equipment) what witnesses see is new human made crafts that will eventually be revealed, although the times they were observed in the past will never be acknowledged by the authorities.

Or what video purports to show is actually artifacts created by the use of the camera.