Are all Liberals potheads?

You can see from the title what my question is. California is the most liberal state! It is the most marijuana lenient state in the country, and is the state that is the worlds third largest economy and is in the most financial trouble than any state in the country. And from any study you find, smoking pot is linked to brain cell loss. Do all these things happen to be linked or does is not have to do with anything?

Couldn’t hear you over the bong bubbling. I’ll re-read. :wink:

Okay, (BIG smoke exhale) I re-read. I think Bill Mahr was more on with his article in the Times saying here in CA, we WANT everything, but don’t you raise my taxes… EVER!
We want a 9 billion dollar train, better cages for chickens, state rehab for former child actors and we like to put actors in politics.

And if you remember, more than 52 million people just a few months ago said absolutely NO to gays getting married. We ain’t that liberal about everything.

I consider myself extremely liberal and I think drugs should be legalized, but I have never used illegal drugs nor do I drink alcohol. I’ve never been intoxicated or under the influence. I’m not going to stop someone else from doing so however.

No, all liberals are not potheads. Did you really think we are?

I’m Shawn-lite, apparently. I consider myself slightly liberal (I’m mostly pro-honesty) and I’ve never had a hit of marijuana in my life.

From a 30 second Google search, it looks to be more like eighth. What have you been smoking?

Pot might be the cause of all the general paranoia out here about everything from your car getting scratched to Moon Landing Conspiracies. Seriously. I’ve heard more conspiracy theories in 10 years out here…

Actually I didnt check my facts to date I just went on my knowledge of previous years statistics. And it being in eighth place is actuually even more sad because of the fact that it has fallen.

If you had any sense about you, you would realize that it is useless trying to say “you are not so it is likely california is not” all pot smokers. But this is a majority issue rather than your own personal circumstances.

Then maybe you should have used a word other than “all” in posing the question.

Q: Are all liberals pot heads?
A: No, Shawn1767 and Robot Arm are both liberals, and neither smokes pot.

In what year was it third? Seriously. For 2007 the top three were the United States, Japan, and Germany, with China a very close fourth at about 3.2 trillion dollars GDP. California’s Gross State Product was a little over 1.8 trillion. That’s about 1.4 trillion out of the top three. You think California has lost almost half of its economy relative to Germany and Japan?

The title of this thread is:

Are all Liberals potheads?

You follow that up in the OP with “You can see from the title what my question is.” “All” means all. It only takes one to prove that wrong.

Very socially liberal, fiscally a bit more moderate. I don’t smoke or otherwise ingest weed. I have tried it, and do not enjoy its effects.

Shouldn’t this be in IMHO? Or are you trying to make some sort of point?

A more pressing question might be, “Are all Conservatives ignorant and unwilling to think?”

But I digress. No, all liberals aren’t potheads. I’m a liberal and a Californian (now) and I’ve never used pot. So in answer to your thread title, no. In fact the question is so profoundly stupid I have to assume you were posing it to rile those pot-heads up. Which, if you’ve ever met a pot-head, is no small feat. :smiley:

California is in fact ranked 15th in recent marijuana use with the number one place going to that hive of liberalism and decadence, Alaska.

Your OP was laughable. I hope you weren’t serious.

If this thread is serious, the OP just lost.

I can’t believe people are responding to this OP like it has any credence whatsoever. It is blatant trolling.

Hey it’s late, we have to take the threads we’re given. :smiley:

And I have to repack the pipe. It’s not as funny as it was about an hour ago. :smiley:

Yes, all liberals are potheads. It’s not thier fault though, thier parents were conservatives, who as everyone knows are all abusive drunks.

Only if they don’t believe what they are saying. And I’ve come to the conclusion over the years that there is no idea so silly that someone, somewhere doesn’t take it dead seriously.

As someone that agrees with some of your less-extreme viewpoints sometimes, I find this accurate and also hilarious.

ETA: Because of viewing this thread, the only google ad I have is “Vaporize Your Herb”.

Again, why do people respond to this guy’s absolutely stupid fucking OPs? Liberalism is linked to loss of brain cells? Give me a fucking break. This kind of stuff you would expect to find in the Fox News comments section. Save your serious responses for an OP that is worthy of serious response. Maybe then the OPer will learn something about how to engage with the other side. It’s like with my 4-year old: if I give a positive response to bad behavior, she never learns the behavior is bad. Think of the OPer along those lines.