Are all terrorists Musims today?

Haven’t seen an Irish bombing in a while. Recently, I read a report that all but one of the wars going on had at least one side Islamic. What gives?

Huh. I’ve never seen any Musim terrorists.

What is the point then? What do they want?

Puppies ! Who doesn’t want puppies ? Nothing makes a Musim happier than a puppy.

You posted “musim” not “muslim”. It’s a typo. They are being funny.

Yes, the IRA and it’s associated enities have really scaled back the deadly violence, along with the Orangemen. Kudos to them all.

Right now, much of the world’s terrorism is Muslim based, but certainly not all. You don’t hear much about most of it, since it is in small 3rd and “4th” world nations, and groups with local agendas.

ETA (Basque seperatists) are still up and running AFAIK.

Except giant pandas

The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, God’s Army in Myanmar, and Bodo and Tripuran seperatists in India are Christians.

The New People’s Army in the Philipines and the Sendero Luminoso in Peru are Communists.

The Tamil Tigers are Hindus.

The Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda is mostly Christain although there are some Muslim elements in their ideology. The Oromo Liberation Front in Ethiopia is also a mix of predominantly Christians with some Muslims.

Theres quite a few terrorists in Zimbabwe known as the Government.

There are Maoist terrorists in Nepal ,and Colombia has a leftwing/criminal terror outfit.

From memory their leader is a devout Muslim who claims to have been reincarnated.

No matter how wrong I am, the real truth of his claim is worse than my explanation.

Some animal rights and anti-abortion activists carry out (or conspire to carry out) violents acts which pretty much come under any definition of terrorism.

We’ve also recently had some environmental activists arrests in this area. No harm to humans, but destruction of property.

The KKK is a domestic terrorist organization.

I do recall the occasional news story about anti-government zealot types trying to pull something off.

You hear much more about Muslim terrorists, because anything they do or try, no matter how trivial or unlikely to work gets blown vastly out of proportion in the American media. If a non-Muslim builds a dud bomb or comes up with an incompetent plan that can’t possibly work, it makes the local news, if that. If a Muslim does the same thing, it’s “Plot could have killed hundreds !”

I don’t think that’s true. Those goofy kids they arrested for planning to attack a military base never got the “coulda killed hundreds!” headlines. Everyone just called them goofy kids.

LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,; is considered a terrorist group by the US. It is Hindu.

No, Joseph Kony was raised as a Catholic. He’s essentially formed his own religion and follows a mixture of Christian, Muslim, and animist practices. His declared goal is to take over Uganda and form a government based on the Ten Commandments.

Also debatebly the most active current terrorist group. (or was before the cease-fire that fell apart, not sure about now)

ETA: Nov. 17th is still active in Greece.

I would also consider the anthrax mailings of 2001 to be a terrorist act. And yet, we don’t have a clue what the nationality or religious beliefs were of the perpetrator(s). Could have been white American Christians for all we know.

And I don’t think Timothy McVeigh was moslem!