Are Americans losing it with Muslims?

The other day while Christmas shopping at WalMart a Muslim couple was there. The husband was dressed fairly normal but the wife had the full length black outfit and had her head covered and her face partially covered. They got more than a few stares and they was many an angry look.

Americans have been told to be tolerant but I think our tolerance is coming to an end. Trump may have been a little extreme but he isnt far off either.

What do you all think?

In The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave this is disgraceful. There was many an angry look? Why?

Why are chastity belts frowned on nowadays?

He isn’t far off what?

That innocent persons should be publicly scorned because they don’t meet your freaking dress code?

It’s okey dokey with you to openly despise someone because you don’t like what they’re wearing?

What the hell are you sniffing?

(Here’s a hint for you: it is the same evil to coerce a woman out of a shroud as it is to coerce her into one!)

Suppose, instead of a shroud, she was wearing a tight T-shirt that said, “Marriage = One Man + One Woman. Period.”

Does that change your answer?

In the U.K. we are nearer the truth and that truth is that tolerance is a two way street and the followers of Islam are not playing ball they will not tolerate or integrate with any that are not of the Islamic faith. Because of the intolerance of the Islamic faith my country (England) is constantly under a high level security threat. We do not have any problems with immigrants of other faiths Just the followers of Islam. Before some of you decide to shoot me down in flames remember that serving American and British heroes gave their lives in Afgan to remove mainly woman from Islamic tyranny woman are now permitted to practice professions such as medicine, the law, teaching, girls are now going to school

It wouldn’t change my answer. She can wear whatever she wants to and it’s none of my business.

Would I think something, in either case? Of course. Would I glare, say something, put her in fear of assault? Or course not.

Is this some sort of “gotcha ya” question?

Come and live in London England for a year and you will probably change your mind

No, it doesn’t change my answer!

Really? We’re down to judging people by their attire? You cannot be serious!

And do you imagine we don’t see this on the subway in Toronto every freaking day? And you know what we do? We don’t give a shit, because we wear what we want and let other people do the same.

The Conservative Party, which just spectacularly lost a federal election, tried this, to distract and outrage, as Election Day neared. Their spin was it had to be removed to swear the oath to become a citizen. Straight up race baiting! Cheap political trash!

And Canadians resounding said, “Hell no!”

Because that’s freaking bullshit, straight up.

I have no idea.

I always pictured a “gotcha ya” question as being a question with a hidden hazard for the respondent: the answer would expose him to a subsequent reveal of a fact or prior position that stood in stark contrast to the first principle he espoused; a question, in other words, designed to reveal cognitive dissonance in the listener’s thought process.

In this case, it’s true that the question seeks to expose a contradiction, but that aim can hardly said to be hidden.

If that still counts as a “gotcha ya,” then I suppose it is such a question.

Why? Does that invalidate it in some way?

My question was a rhetorical device.

Your question was just weird. Did you seriously expect that elbows would answer any differently than what was just posted?

If you were to replace “the followers of Islam” with “some followers…” you might be nearer the truth. I live in Tower Hamlets, which has a very strong Bangladeshi community and smaller groups of people from various other broadly Islamic countries: and your picture of society is simply not true for us. For every handful of over-testosteroned boys in both white and Muslim communities who make aggressive noises about the other and try to “claim” territories, there are thousands of people going about their ordinary business and getting along with each other perfectly well.

Because historically the British were welcoming of any immigrants who chose to wear the proper shirts and eat curry like real Brits, but have no tolerance for any people who don’t want to take tea or become soccer hooligans. The melting pot metaphor does not mean that everyone needs to be reduced to the lowest commonality.

(I must apologize if I seem a little short. Over the weekend I had an encounter with a person who could not differentiate between Muslims and Sikhs. I can just image the hilarious confusion on the next Kristallnacht when some Sikh businesses are burned because the “patriots” thought they were Muslim.)

Surely there is at least a percentage of the US public who negatively view Islam in general .
That percentage might in turn have a percentage who are the type inclined to pass along that view with a negative stare for a full burqa.

It’s a bit of a jump to infer from that that “Americans are losing it with Muslims.”

Americans have long since lost it with oppressive beliefs in general, such as the idea that it is shameful for a woman to appear uncovered in public.

As Bricker points out, wearing any message in public that makes a statement which generally opposes any widely-held view is going to garner some free feedback such as stares or deliberately-overheard comments.

The right to dress the way you damn well please based on beliefs you damn well insist on is not a right to be relieved of peaceful editorials about your choice of beliefs.

No, we are down to judging people on their religion. People who wear a burqa are asosciated, and indeed ascosciate themselves, with a certain strand of religion.

As T.M. noted, it is that strain that are not playing the tolerance game together with the rest of the planet. People are starting to notice and are getting fed up with it.

We are judging people by their attire because we cannot identify them, their dress, means we do not know if that are carrying an assault rifle or a bomb remember that we are under the threat of a Islamist terrorist attack and London England has an Islamic population of 1 million+

You’d have to be an idiot not to judge someone by their attire–or, at least make some useful inferences using appearance.

While attire/appearance is not everything, it turns out it can often say a great deal about someone.

Can you think of a single culture in the entire world where appearance is not part of public behavior?

Where did this idea come from that we “shouldn’t judge by appearance,” except as a shorthand to say that appearance is not the only way by which we should judge someone, and that it can occasionally lead to an incorrect assumption?

More often than not, appearance is a pretty darn useful way to pick up clues about an individual.


How many of the recent international terrorist incidents were performed by women wearing burkas?

For sure. For example, many folks prefer to give a wide berth to those whose natural complexion makes them hard to see in the dark except when they smile. Some believe it’s wise – culturally speaking – to arrest these types just on general principle, because they’re almost certain to have committed a crime.

You have a very strange view of England, I eat curry, drink coffee and hate football. I have a great deal of respect for the Sikh nation and some are of my acquaintance and their opinion of Islam is far stronger than mine also members of the Hindu community that I know have a big problem with Islam. It is not just a Brit thing, it is percolating through the whole community