Are Any of You in Any Clubs or Organizations?

I would call myself a loner, and defintely not a social butterfly. But I still want some companionship. I left college to take a break at the end of December, and have recently started a job as a cleaning lady. I’m pretty happy with my life, except it’s rather boring and lonely. I have no real social stimulation anymore, as I am not in school and my job consists of just my boss and my two co-workers. They’re nice people, and I’m hoping we can all do something.

But I’ve been thinking that I want to join a club or an organization. Perhaps acting or a writer’s workshop. So I was curious to see if any Dopers out there were part of clubs or organizations and, if so, how did you find them (if they are out of a school setting)?

Ya know, I asked a question like this a li’l while back.

Hopefully this helps (at least a little)

I’m a current adult Assistant Scoutmaster of the Boy Scouts, and a member of some other ones. . .

No, the Youncg Communists ain’t one of 'em.

I think it is important to give something back to one’s community, and being able to do so and have fun at the same time is very satisfying. As far as broadening one’s horizons goes, getting involved in a club is a terrific way of meeting people and developing friendships.

For me, it has been participation in a bunch of canoeing and kayaking organizations. I presently coach a breast cancer surivor dragon boat racing team in addition to my usual instructing at canoe and kayak clinics and refereeing at health services charity fundraising races. I’m also part of a regional environmental organization. My life has been enriched by such involvement.

I just joined the local Macintosh user’s club. A fun group of people. I even won a door prize ($30 at CompUSA!)

I’m a member of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations ( and the Old Town School of Folk Music (, and have volunterred for both at various times. Lots of neat stuff going on there, and I’ve made some neato friends through both and generally had a great time and learned stuff.

I’m just starting to get involved with the Red Cross. If your local chapter is anything like mine they’d love to have you.

Hmm. Well I’m still in school, but I’ll contribute:

Theater group–I joined set crew at my highschool years ago. Absolutely loved painting and building with a bunch of other kids. It’s a huge time commitment, though. I fully intend when I get out of school to get involved in a community theater near me, doing sets or costumes or whatever else.

Assistant leader with Girl Scouts is fun, too. I ran a Marian Medal workshop years ago for Girl Scouts.

If you wanna try acting, definitely go for it! I tend to join crew first, so I can get an idea of what the director is like before I try out.

I’m a member of a few volleyball groups. I don’t know about other sports, but volleyball has a very social aspect to it, in terms of forming friendships that exist off court.

I met many of my friends through volleyball. I highly recommend it as a sport that rewards individual effort as well as teamwork - one cannot succeed without the other. I’m guessing many (most?) other team sports fall into this category.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese (probably doesn’t help you much, though!)

I’mamamber of the Esperanto-Rondo de Toronto, a great excuse for getting together every Monday night and yakking. Plus we have parties. :slight_smile:

I’m a member of the SDMB Elite Clique. Does that count?

I knew it! I knew it!

I used to be a member of the Historical Diving Society.

As they are based in Santa Barbara, California, and I am on the other side of the continent, membership afforded me the perfect level of sociability.

I once joined up with the tree people to save the forest next to my house. They were very unorganized, but they managed to save it, so I guess it was rewarding!

Well, yeah, cause you’re in the clique too.

(Ooops, have I said too much?)

I’m a US Masters swimmer and member of US Water Polo. We don’t get together much except at pratice, though most of the people are a few years older and married.

I volunteer at the local humane society. I found it by chance, when I was applying last summer to work in vet clinics. They were the only place to accept me (that summer). I like the place, and like the work I do (cleaning, feeding, and playing with cats, answering questions).

I’m also part of the SHO, Student Honor Organization, which I’m a member just because I’m in the program. I rarely go to the activities, but once in a while they bring a lecturer that interests me and I attend. I also get free food. :slight_smile:

UEPA, Unión de Estudiantes Puertorriqueños Activos, Puerto Rican student association. I’m an active member, participating in their get togethers, voting in the assemblies, and also participating in other activities with other Hispanic student associations.

I’m not very active in organizations anymore but I’m still a member of the VFW and The Studebaker Drivers Club. I rarely attend any meetings or functions.

In the past, I was a member of Optimist International. It is a great service organization and we funded and participated in a lot of great projects. We bought the land and built two Little League Baseball fields, complete with bleachers and lights, and donated them to the city. For the three years I was there, we paid the rent and operating costs for the city’s two Boys and Girls Clubs. We also supported a local orphanage. Being a part of this club was a terrific opportunity to do some community service.

Work related, I was a member of the Army Aviation Association, and the National Association of Purchasing Management. Up until 1992, I also participated in company sponsored sports leagues.

I’m a member of Active 20-30.

It’s a children’s charity. We throw big parties with music, beer, and food. We sell tickets to the public and give the proceeds away to local childrens’ charities. We have fun and help kids.

It’s a very social group. It’s kinda like Rotary for people in their 20’s and 30’s, but because we’re “young” and throw parties, people think we’re a “singles club” instead of a charity.

I’m a member of the Junior League. It’s a fabulous way to meet other women, but some JLs have a steep fundraising requirement which might turn you off.

I’m not a member, but our local ski club is known to be loads of fun. And not just for skiiing–they’re a very social club and skiiing is a small part of what they do.

Sometimes our local bookstores will set up discussion groups. Sort of like an informal book club, you can read the current book and show up.