Are Any Radio Stations in Your Market Playing Round-the-Clock Christmas Music?

There are two radio stations in the Springfield, Illinois radio market that are playing Christmas music 24/7.

90.5 WIBI has, since Thanksgiving, been playing Christmas songs, both old and modern, performed by contermporary Christian music artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, the Catinas, etc. (they’re normally a CCM station). That’s about 90% of their Christmas playlist. The other 10% consists of some of the old “classics” such as White Christmas by Bing Crosby, The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, etc. I’ve also heard some José Feliciano, the Carpenters, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Christmas Eve Sarajevo), and an ear-splittingly bad performance of The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli (I much prefer the Charlotte Church/Josh Groban version), among other non-CCM Christmas songs.

93.9 WMHX has been playing what WIBI plays (minus the contemporary Christian stuff) plus a bunch of songs from the $4.99 CD bin at Target. Christmas stuff by Kenny G, Gloria Estefan, Mariah Carey, Ronny Milsap, Alabama, etc.

Also, when I’ve driven through Saint Louis, I’ve noticed that Red 104.1 KRDA has been playing Christmas songs by Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and the like.

Any radio stations in your area doing this? I’d be especially interested to hear from non-US Dopers.

Yes, but I can’t remember the call letters of the station at the moment. I do believe it is 99.5 on the FM dial in the Greensboro, NC area.


St. Louis also has 102.5 but it hasn’t been Christmas music that I really like.

There are two in the Providence area. Don’t know the call letters, but one is Lite FM and one is 103.3 on the dial. It’s kind of hard to rock out in my SUV on the way to daycare with two stations down that way.

107.7 in Orlando(ish).

Is this a new thing? In the NYC area, 95.5 WPLJ is doing this, and they’re a pretty big station. I’m surprised they would give up a whole month to it.

Oldies 93…93.1 in the triad area.


I’m pretty sure that one Clear Channel station in each market is programming Christmas music.

97.1 - Dallas/Ft. Worth & Washington, DC
99.5 - Greensboro, NC
104.5 - Philadelphia
107.7 - Orlando(ish:))

We’ve got three, or so I’m told. If we were NYC or LA, I’d understand having that many. I pretty much just listen to NPR anyway, so it doesn’t affect me.

KOIT here.

Just in case they thought I wouldn’t avoid them 100% of the time.

I worked for a radio station for 2 years that did this.

By December 15th I wanted to jam a jingle bell up my Program Director’s ass.

XM Radio. Four channels playing different varieties.

I know of one in Chicago (but there could be more) - WLIT 93.9 FM (“soft rock, less talk”). All contemporary.

I only know because a produce store I go to plays it.

More Clear Channel.

At least one of the Detroit stations is doing it. All the local fast food places are tuned on to that station, that’s why I’m having my food to go.

The odd thing about the Christmas season on the radio is that it ends just when it should be beginning. That is, December 25 is the first of the twelve days of Christmas, yet that’s the last day you will hear any Christmas songs on the radio.

I wonder if it’s a corporate thing. WIBI is a member of the “New Life Media Network” and so is Champaign/Urbana’s WBGL 91.7, which is also playing this same sort of stuff.

So, WBGL 91.7 Champaign/Urbana, 88.1 Decatur, 88.5 Terre Haute, and 104.7 in Chicagoland.

In a word, no.

On on that note, I think I’ll move this thread from IMHO to Cafe Society.

80 Clear Channel-owned stations are doing this, and more than 250 in total. At least a dozen cities have three all-Christmas stations, including Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Ohio and Virginia Beach.

It was pioneered a few years ago as a sort of desperation stunt by a failing station, which got a tremendous ratings boost out of it. And so do the majority of the stations that do so now.