Are blue eyes better than say...Hazel?

Have you ever heard someone say “My, does that child ever have beautiful Hazel eyes” but we hear it all the time with people that have Blue eyes. What’s the fascination with Blue eyes?
Does everyone feel this way, I have even noticed myself saying it.

I think blue eyes get more attention because they’re 1) more common in children than adults and thus “cute”, 2) less common in adults and thus somewhat unusual/noticeable, and 3) stand out because of the contrast between the blue and the brown/red/yellow/black shades on the rest of the human body.

It also doesn’t hurt that a clear daytime sky is blue, so many people have a positive association with the color light blue.

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In the meantime, I had a little fun:
Oh, I don’t know…

Hazel eyes were awfully important in a certain secret garden…

These are “cool and limpid.”

Well to keep it as a GQ, does eye color have any effect on vision?

The article in The Daily Mail appears to derive from two related papers published in the early 1990s (Miller et al. 1992; Rowe and Evans 1994), neither of which provides any support for the claim that intelligence is related to eye colour, or that it is a predictor of academic success.

The first study found no statistically significant difference in reactive motor skill performance based on eye colour. The second identified that amongst 61 men, those with brown eyes managed to score a greater number of returns in a forehand rally of racquetball. This finding was not demonstrated within the female group.

Construing these frankly contradictory findings into the thesis ‘Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant’ is some indication of the degree of scientific illiteracy in a newspaper which has supported the MMR scare, and even thinks that Facebook causes cancer.

Someone please explain to me how blue eyes are more common in childen than adults? :confused: I’ve read that sentence over several times but it does not compute.

I’m a pushover for blue eyes. There’s nothing wrong with brown or hazel, other than that they are common. Blue eyes, you notice. They’re beautiful. If Hugh Laurie (as House) didn’t have those piercing blue eyes, he would look like more of a homeless guy than he already does. My own eye color? Undetermined! A mixture, mostly green.

Melanocyte cells, including those in the iris, gradually start producing pigments during childhood. Prior to this eyes appear blue due to relatively small amounts of melanin. Adults possessing the genetic anomaly ensuring this change does not take place, are rarer.

I learnt from a recent thread “Why do NFL players paint chalk under their eyes?” that:

It’s not unusual for a child’s irises to get darker as the child gets older. I remember my youngest brother had blue eyes when he was born, and now they’re greenish brown. That also does happen with hair color sometimes, but I don’t know how that compares in terms of frequency. Wikipedia says the same as The Urban Spaceman:

Well babies can have blue eyes that become brown over the first few years of life, maybe that’s what he meant.

The things you learn! I knew babies eyes often turn color, but not kids!

People are suckers for blue eyes for some reason. It’s like blond hair - something to do with both the American/Eurocentric beauty ideals, and youthfulness.

White babies are more likely to have blue eyes, but I have never seen eye color changes (not counting those people whose eyes appear different colors in different lights, etc) in any person over the age of 2 years. Things can change quite a bit before then, but by the time they are talking their eye color is how it’s going to be for the rest of their life.

Blue eyes (and blond hair) bore me. I have them and so does my whole family. Give me green, hazel, or brown (the darker the better) any day.

In anticipation of this being moved to IMHO…give me dark brown eyes any day. Blue eyes look like your head is full of sky. And I say that coming from a family of all blue-eyed people.
I like eyes that are so dark they look black. That and green eyes.

Blue-eyed people are fascinating because… they are MUTANTS!

Blue-Eyed Humans Have A Single, Common Ancestor

First of all, I did say “children”, not some specific age, and a two year old is a child. Second, my eyes changed color when I was in elementary school, so I can personally attest to the fact that changes later in childhood are possible. Some people’s eyes also change color when they are much older, due to a loss of melanin that sometimes comes with age.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s the abstract of a medical study published in Archives of Ophthalmology that found:

Back to the OP, brown eyes have also been the subject of praise in Western popular culture. Although blue eyes are more commonly referenced, there are a number of well-known songs about dark-eyed people, such as Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” and Chuck Berry’s much covered “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”. In early rock and blues songs, describing an attractive person as having brown eyes was often a way of suggesting that this person was black without being explicit enough to make white listeners uncomfortable.

That was a pretty stupid article. Disparate individuals like Stephen Fry, Marie Curie, and Lily Cole? Lily Cole who hasn’t done anything but get accepted to university?

The article just mentions some famous people who happen to be blue eyed. You could do the same with brown eyes or freckles or weird birth marks and pretend it’s science. Good grief.

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Oh, me too. I have blue eyes, but I’m a sucker for guys with dark brown eyes and even darker hair.

The lighter the iris color, the more noticeable changes in pupil size, which can be linked to states of arousal. I have no idea of the significance of that; just that it was an interesting fact, or factoid.

Since we’re in IMHO now, I’ll say the only two women whose babies I seriously considered having had eyes that were chestnut brown and hazel. (Come to think of it, they were both nuts.) Blue eyes and blond hair do absolutely nothing for me (maybe I’m jaded, growing up in Southern California). I used to long for a women with blue eyes and black hair, but it never worked out when I was younger and any women around my age with jet black hair is almost certainly dying it, which lessens the mistake somewhat (and black hair is not always kind to older faces).

I like blue eyes because blue is my favorite color.

Blue is my favorite color, because I have blue eyes.

(I suppose I should explain a bit. When I was real young I based my “favorites” on personal characteristics. Look, it seemed logical enough at age four).