Are Brain Aneurysms and Blood Clots Related?

From what I understand, aneurysms and blood clots in the brain are two different conditions.

Aneurysms are the abnormal enlargement or bulging of a blood vessel, caused by damage to or weakness in the blood vessel wall.

Blood clots are a group of blood cells that clump together. If they occur in the brain they can cause a stroke.

Recently, at another Internet forum I belong to, someone posted this message about their sister:

“the situation began last saturday, when she complained of being light headed, and then passed out a couple hours later. The ambulence took her off. It turned out she had a blood clot near hear brain. During surgery, she suffered an aneurysm and nearly died. She’s in critical condition.”

A majority of us on that BBS think that this is a lie. The person who posted the message has a history of lying. Given the seriousness of the (purported) situation, no one wants to directly accuse the poster of lying in the off chance that it was true.

So here’s my question: Are blood clots and aneurysms related? Is it possible for a blood clot to cause an aneurysm? Or is this person full of BS?

Thanks in advance.

A blood clot may form inside an aneurysm, but it’s far more likely for the aneurysm to rupture and hemorrhage, with catastrophic consequences.

Perhaps the person telling the story was confused. Perhaps they meant she suffered a ruptured aneurysm and had a complication of a blood clot on the brain or elsewhere as a result of aneurysm surgery. Or something.

Families of patients tend to get facts mixed up, especially when stressed, and/or hearing the story 3rd or 4th hand.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance.


Hi Qadgop, thanks for the reply.

You wrote:

That’s what makes her story sound so suspicious. Given the dire nature of the condition, the “patient” has made a remarkable recovery.

The (purported) surgery took place last Saturday, the 29th of February.

The patient’s sister posted again on the 3rd saying the patient was still in a coma.

She posted this today:

For such a serious condition (especially if there was a blood clot involved) this seems like an awfully fast recovery.

What she probably happened was this : She had a brain aneurysm. It burst and she started bleeding. This forms a clot outside the brain, though different from the clot your are talking about inside a blood vessel that causes a stroke (ischemic stroke). She passed out. They did surgery and found the aneurysm that caused the original problem.

           She probably had it mostly right, she's just mixing up a few facts.  I don't think she was intentionally lying.  Many patients and families do this.  As for the recovery she describes, I don't know about that.  SOunds a bit far fetched.