Are dog and cat farts invariably silent?

I’ve never actually heard my dog or cat fart. Whenever they do it’s the silent but deadly variety. Do these animals ever sound off when they fart? (And if not, why not?)

Yes, though perhaps usually when they’re ill or in gastric distress. My cat is my cite.

My dog occasionally lets go with an audible fart. The funniest part is it scares him. He will be sitting around minding his own business when it happens he will look startled turn around and look behind him then come over to me acting all nervous. He does not do this with the silent variety just the ones that make noise. Funniest damn thing I ever saw.

Yep, occasionally Bessie the Labrador will produce something audible and turn around to see what that end of her is up to.

And in other news, guinea pigs will sneeze.

My dog (RIP) used to do the same as askeptic’s, or worse, would hear it, turn around in shock, and then run out of the room in fear.

My cats occasionally do this also and they are also scared enough to run away from their own butts. I wish I could catch it on video sometimes but the winds are not blowing in my favor.

Well, I was going to cite our own cat, but he came over to me while I was reading this thread and made a few choice comments. Hmmm.

Oh. Van says “Hi”.

P.S. I notice this thread has spawned a GoogleAd for “Fart Videos”. Our society is sick! Sick, I tell you!

Yup – our dog let’s out audible farts on occasion, but the SBD type are more common. I’ve never heard one of my cats fart.

Our cats audibly fart all the time. At least, that’s what my wife says is happening over on her side of the bed.

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You ain’t lived until you’ve experienced a horse fart. Especially if riding in a carriage or sled behind.

My current kitty, Quinne, had loud, frequent, and noxious bouts of flatulence for a couple of months after I took her in from the streets. It was rather disconcerting because my previous kitty, Molly, in 24 years had neither audible nor smellable gas. I had no idea that cats could have gas.

Quinne’s nether regions have become silent, but alas, are still noxious on occasion.

What a wonderful tale, Contrapuntal! Si non e vero, e ben trovato, if it ain’t true (which of course it isn’t) it durn well should be!

(And if the Italian phrase doesn’t quite mean that, then it should). :slight_smile:

I was taught at school that an audible flatus was caused by moisture around the anal sphincter causing a ripple, like when you make a buzzing noise with your lips.

Given that a cat anus is generally exposed to the air, I’d assume it didn’t get much moisture build-up and therefore would normally be silent.


What school did you go to??? :slight_smile: