Do animals cough, sneeze, burp, fart, or otherwise?

I know this seems like a real mature topic, but I honestly would like some answers. It struck me the other day that I’ve had cats around me all my life, but not once have I heard (smelled) them fart. (I dunno why it struck me, okay?)

But surely they must get gas, huh? Or since they’re on a regular diet (at least mine are), maybe they don’t?

Also, I’ve never seen a cat cough. It seems like it would be a useful action for all species. They sure sneeze often enough though.

And how about burping? They must swallow air, my cats eat like pigs! I mean they eat faster than me! Do they just let it out more politely or something (maybe this applies to farting too)?

Don’t they know how entertaining it can be to rip a good fart and follow it up by burping the names of everyone in the room? :slight_smile:

My Shetland Sheepdogs do all three. Their farts are very quiet though. They do smell pretty bad sometimes.

Opps, miscounted, make that “all four” instead of “all three”

Come spend a night with me at work. All your questions about animal bodily functions will be answered. In fact, you will probably learn more than you cared to know.
Seriously though, you have never heard a cat sneeze??? Geez, they do it all the time.

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I worked for a short time with a hunting outfitter in Colorado. That’s how I became to be astride a horse that was following two mules and the outfitter himself up a mountain trail in winter.

The mule that I was following farted…with gusto.

That in itself was pretty funny, but the eye watering stench wasn’t.

Were I a mule rancher, their oats would be laced with Beano.

Yes. But never simultaneously.

Glad I checked michelle’s prof which listed her prof. I was imagining all sorts of things. Sheep, you must be feedin um right, count your blessings, a cat fart can truly be a thing of wonder.I read an account by an elephant hunter once of the belching,stomach rumblings and farting of pachederms. He claims on a still night you can hear them for miles. Wonder what a whale fart is like? I was once reading aloud the ingredients off a can of some cheap imitation spam type stuff. The others heard Beef Hearts as bee farts. Conjured up some images BZT!
And the packers employees with lil glass vials chasing bees.

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You have clearly never owned an English Bulldog.

I have both heard and smelled my cats fart.

And how can you tell when a bee farts? It flies in a straight line for a moment.

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Your cats must not really love you. My cat expresses her fond adoration for me by farting in my face late at night. Believe me, the stench is enough to wake a person from the deepest sleep.

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Check out this link about bloat (gas buildup) in cattle. Imagining a cow blowing up like a balloon. Interesting, but disgusting.

Okay, so it goes like this:

  1. Farting - oh yeah, I’m just not lucky enough yet.

  2. Sneezing - sure (sorry if I didn’t make it clear Michelle, that’s the one thing I have seen animals do).

  3. Burping - elephants only?

  4. Coughing - no reports yet

btw - my brother confirms one cat (two cats ago) did actually fart. He and his friends were sitting on the porch and all of the sudden a foul air filled the porch. They all blamed each other and no one owned up to it. Finally, they realized the quiet content on my cat’s face as he sat alone on a chair…

Also, notwithstanding my respect for the genius of Cassius Coolidge, dogs do not play poker. And if they did, they probably wouldn’t cheat.

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Coughing? Have you ever seen a cat cough up a hairball?

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Yup, my cat does all of the above - plus hiccups.

I’ve never been aware of my cats burping, but farting -Lord yes. I don’t HEAR them, but I sure do smell 'em. Doesn’t happen often though. They also sneeze.

As for horses, they are notorious for farting You’re riding along with some other folks, and suddenly you hear it - difficult to describe - they sound like human farts, but very loud and a steady stream of them kinda keeping time to the horses walk (but only for a few seconds); the first time it happens you’re kind of embarassed (even though the horse isn’t) and can’t help but snicker, but horse people get used to it. I’ve never smelled a horse fart, but that’s probably because you’re usually on his back and moving when it happens. Used to groom horses and never had one fart in my face.

Re: coughing. I’m sure Michelle could expound on this, but there is a disease called Kennel Cough that affects animals.

Re: farting. There was a show on Discovery Channel about mountain gorillas. They eat alot of roughage. In one scene a bunch of them were lounging around after a mid-day snack. It sounded like the infamous scene from Blazing Saddles.

Re: sneezing. I’ve seen cats sneeze. I like to think they’re just as allergic to me….

Regarding cows, they do all four. Yes they can do more than one at once. Sneeze-fart, cough-fart being the two most common. As for the gas problem, it happens and gas blows (insert groans here).

I used to have a boxer. In addition to her smacking you in the side of the head with her paw (she wanted to shake hands), she would also drop major stinkbombs, and sneeze on the closest person.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.