My cat just farted. And I heard it!

God allmigty does it stink!

I was posting to another thread, sent it, looked down at my cat, who was sleeping, said, “Hey Z”. ::Phhhhhtt::. “What the Hell was that Z?”. Ohhhhh… “Dear God! Get away from me!”.

No more Seafood Middles Meow Mix for her!

My beloved, recently-departed :frowning: cat Fluffy once farted in my face while she was sleeping beside me on my pillow.
I think I shoved her to the bottom of the bed…
God, I miss that cat…:frowning:

Hm. Either my cats don’t fart, or if they do it doesn’t smell.

My old DOG, OTOH…whew - those were stinkers.

Don’t believe me? Check out ‘Z’ and I here.

O.K., O.K., It’s not me nor my cat. I saw this pick a minute ago on another site and couldn’t resist.

From the odor she produced, however, I’d think she were even bigger than the cat shown there.

My cat farts. I heard it once over his snoring.

Man CnoteChris, if your cat’s farts are one tenth as bad as my cat’s farts, you better jam an air freshener up her ass. The day my cat cuts an audible one I’ll just burn the house down and take the insurance money rather than go back inside. Piewacket’s (my cat) SBD’s are specifically mentioned in three different places in the Geneva Convention.

Someone/thing else to blame it on besides the dog and Roommate!

CnoteChris writes:

Take a deep whiff (if you can stand it) of cat food. Now consider how unlikely it is that it will be improved by its passage through a cat. :slight_smile:

My bemusement is that the cat generally just lies there, looking up at you as if to say, “Me? Did I just do something displeasing?”.

I didn’t bother opening this thread yesterday, because I thought it said “My car just farted. And I heard it!”

Hey… wait a second… I still don’t know why I opened this.

I gotta stop doing those 4 AM runs to the sdmb.

And I need to stop posting after I’ve had a couple. At least I got the right forum.

I can’t believe that no one has commented on the size of that cat! As far as I know, it’s not stuffed nor is it a fake. Oh well. apparenty the SDMB reader’s need alot more than that to impress them.

[resit posting meter on] I just thought of something sick to say but I’ll keep it to myself.[/resist posting meter off]

Wow. That was some big cat.

My dog was once laying on the floor dozing as dogs do when he let an audible fart… kind of a high pitched squeek. It shocked the hell out of him. He bolted awake and whipped his head around to see what the hell had attacked his anus. Not finding anything he was sidetracked by sniffing his own fart. Damn dog just about killed me with laughter.

…oh yeah, big cat.

Damn big cat. :eek:

We are sitting around discussing our cats farts. I just had to say that.

That’s a darn big cat. About as big as my dog, who woke my brother up with one of her farts. Made him gag.

I loved that dog.

God, Whammo, that was hilarious. My dog lets out killer farts also, just laying there and let’s 'em rip, then kinda looks arounf as if to say, “Damn straight, that was me.” One day my uncle had his chair reclined all the way back, and was talking face to face with the dog, when my dog just opend his mouth, burped in my uncle’s face, and walked away.

Years ago, before I moved away from home, my mom had an obese siamese cat that would sit behind her head when she was watching TV. As Larry the cat grew older, he developed a flatulence problem. He would fart repeatedly, incessantly, silently. My mother has chronic sinus problems that diminish her sense of smell. She noticed the odor, but it wasn’t overpowering to HER. At least, until the time that Larry ate some canned mackerel cat food. Oh, the horror, the evil stench! The noxious scent of the fire and brimstone of hell would be sweet perfume by comparison.

Needless to say, my kitties never have eaten mackerel, and never will.

I don’t believe that cat picture. Somebody’s been playing with their photoshop software again. Just quick impressions - the guy seems to be holding what is a very heavy cat with ease. The cats spine is straight and not sagging. Does anybody have a Guiness Book of Records handy with the official word on the world’s heaviest cat?

I don’t trust photos on the internet.

Actually, Al Zheimers, I’m beginning to agree with you.

You’ll have to take my word on it, but I was going to post on this issue last night, or, err, earlier this morning, but I didn’t.

The more I’m looking at it, though, and, no, it’s not an obsession with me, the more I’m thinking it might be a fake too.

Partly because of the person that linking me to the site, davejg, in a General Question thread, and partly because his fingers on the back side of the cat look as if they had been air brushed.

I’d never knowingly link to a bogus site, and should have posted my thoughts when it first became appparent to me, but it’s truly hard to tell (The question the poster originally made was whether or not a different picture within that site was fake or not. The consensus, last time I looked, was that his picture in quesion could be true.).

Considering other pictures within that site don’t seem to be faked and other’s do, to me, I’d take it as a ‘What if’ kinda thing, as oposed to a fact.

Again, I’m not trying to throw anyone off here. I saw the picture and thought it was funny taken in the context of what I was posting. Take it for what it implies, and not what it purports to say.

My poor kitty, Vergil, had projectile diahrrea a few weeks ago. He was about five months old, and he was leaking so badly that we had to take him off solid food for awhile. Which means that he had to be isolated from the other cats. We kept him in our room.

He farted badly and often. You would not believe the sounds and smells that emanated from this adorable little boy-cat.

But the worst woke me up in the middle of the night. I sat bolt upright in bed, sweating and scared. It sounded like a pipe had broken, or perhaps it was the sound of a human choking. But no. Vergil was having a warm, wet shit all over the floor. He sprayed it everywhere, with a disgusting sucking and squirting sound.

He’s all better now.


I think that picture is fake - the other ones from the same site are almost certainly fakes, or at least “assisted.”

As for the OP, my kitties are far too modest to do anything like that in front of me. They don’t even like me to watch them in the litter box - they get a sort of embarrassed expression on their furry little faces. You may think I’m just imagining it, but I’m not, I tell you, I’m not!