Are drive-in movies open?

I know they’re not as common as they used to be, but there are still some in business.

Have they been allowed to operate during the lockdown? The people watching the movie are all in their own car, which seems like adequate social distancing.

There are a few in Arkansas. The local news did a piece on them.
They’re open and thriving. One is even getting 1st run new releases.
The concession stands are closed.

The one I’m familiar with is open, but with some restrictions.

We havent had a drive in movie theater in 30 years.

One is planning to open in Michigan this weekend. This is against Gov edicts.

There is one left in our area. It has about four screens, so if you find yourself bored with what you are watching, you can turn 90 degrees and watch another one. If you want to listen, just retune your radio to that screen’s channel.

There is one open in my metropolitan area. Unfortunately it’s on one edge and I’m on the opposite edge. A 150-mile round trip for a movie is not gonna happen.

The concession stand is currently closed, but plans to reopen soon, and:

“We will not be playing bonus features at this time to cut down on restroom usage” :slight_smile:

Last month, the one near me was the only one reporting box office results for new films.

Northeast Ohio has a couple, I always try to take in at least one drive-in movie per summer. Just ain’t summer to me without it.

As far as I know, there aren’t any drive-ins still in operation in the Chicago area; the last one was in West Chicago (which is, despite the name, not anywhere near the city itself), but I think it’s been closed for the past year or so (though I think they still hope to reopen).

The nearest one, I believe, is in McHenry, which is about 50 miles northwest of the city (arguably the “far northwestern suburbs”). They do appear to be open, and their web page lists a number of precaustions that they are taking (and are asking patrons to take).

There’s a chain of drive-ins out here, and their closest location to me is running double features of *The Hunt *and The Invisible Man or Jumanji: The Next Level and Bad Boys for Life today and tomorrow. On Friday, it’s *The Wretched *and Saturday they’ll be premiering Fantasy Island.

I saw Jumanji three months ago, and the rest sounds awful, even if they are relatively new.

Then on the weekends, the flea market, er, swap meet is running, but apparently in a very different form than usual. No rusty tools and clothing of dubious authenticity:
Due to the shelter in place order, we are open with strict rules on what our vendors are approved to sell. Our vendors are set up with ESSENTIAL products. If you are in need of fresh produce, pre-packaged foods, paper products, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, we are here to serve you.

Sacramento still has a drive-in. They have a notice on their website stating they are still open, operating under the following rules:
[li]You must stay in your car except to visit the restroom. (I take that to mean the concession stand must be closed)[/li][li]You must wear a face covering if you do leave your car to go to the restroom.[/li][li]Vehicles must be parked at least 10 feet apart.[/li][li]They allow a limited number of people in the restroom at a time, except for an adult with a child.[/li][li]Customers who don’t follow these rules will be asked to leave.[/li][/ul]

What’s the deal with Michiganites? Not a political jab, I truly am befuddled. Have they always been like this?

Three in my metro.

One isn’t opening until June (but they were always a summer only theater). The other two were pretty much year round but shut down due to gov. orders. Now that they’re relaxed they’re back open. Limits to about half capacity coming in, spaces between cars. One is requiring masks and spread out lines at concessions. One I think is making you text in your order.

One is premiering something by an indie OKC filmmaker that’s gonna be on Prime Streaming. As a promo, Amazon is setting tickets at $0.50 per car. I’d be interested in going, but it’s the farthest theater, and they’ve been selling out their lines of cars (and I have no interest in seeing The Flinstones as the first half of the double feature).

Hoping the Guthrie one books Twister, as it’s where they filmed the drive in scene in Twister.

There’s one in Vienna that will be reopening on Friday, and a temporary one will be opening at the airport in Salzburg soon. All traditional cinemas remain closed here.

In Indiana they are. Not only that but one that has been closed for years just reopened due to increased demand.

A local town government on Long Island is starting its own series of drive-in movie showings. (Hope the link works and isn’t paywalled.)

I checked my local drive-ins.

None are open at the moment. One has not announced any opening date. One has announced it will open next weekend but hasn’t announced what it will be showing. The other two are opening this weekend and are showing the same two movies; Trolls World Tour and The Invisible Man. Neither of which I want to see.

Our local drive-in doesn’t open until the end of May normally, so no word yet as to any changes. They already had phone ahead ordering, so I’m guessing just increased parking distance.