Are moldy oranges dangerous to people allergic to penicillin?

Pretty much the title.

Last night I discovered that a bag of oranges in the fridge had several oranges covered with lush green/gray mold. I tossed those, and washed down all the others from the bag to hopefully slow down any of them going gray, too. But then I got to wondering.

That mold was most likely a penicillin type, right? If you are allergic to penicillin, is just handling moldy oranges dangerous to you? Maybe from breathing some spores/dust from them?

The type of mold that grows on your oranges may not be related to the penicillium mold used in the production of penicillin, and allergy to penicillin does not mean you are allergic to the penicillium mold.

On the flip side I am allergic to mold but can take penicillin.

Yeah, I actually figured it must be a rare problem, if at all. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of PSAs warning about pregnant women not cleaning out litterboxes, but never any remarks to beware of moldy oranges if you’re allergic to penicillin. But good to have confirmation.

I am not a medical expert or biologist, just a random guy on the Internet who reads a lot. So if you have a question with serious health consequences, seek professional advice.

I have a penicillin allergy, and also orange trees. I regularly clean up the moldy oranges underneath them and haven’t ever had any of the sorts of symptoms I had the time I was given penicillin. So, there’s some anecdata that it’s not a major issue.

ETA: Also, I eat Camembert cheese without issue.

The litterbox warning is because of toxoplasmosis, which is common in cats and usually harmless to people, but can cross the placenta and cause devastating effects in a fetus.

As for the OP’s question, the answer is “unlikely”.