Are the Governments of the world right about aliens causing mass hysteria?

You really have no idea how things work in Government, do you?

The X-Files is just a television show.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that this is my opinion and in my opinion some of the interviews I’ve seen of what I consider credible witnesses are convincing. If I didn’t convey that adequately enough in my original post then I have done so since you tee’d off the first time. If you haven’t let that sink in up to this point then you truly are daft.

This is a topic of which I feel is interesting, but it is by no means a passion of mine. I didn’t take notes of the names of the people in these interviews for use in the off chance that I someday may post a poll on some website and I’m not going to spend more than a few moments of my time, and certainly not enough time to dig for references, on some anonymous troll who keeps pestering me for information that, even if I had, wouldn’t serve any purpose other than to give said troll more shit to sling. You’ve made no attempt at anything other than poking and antagonizing in this thread and if I had to guess you are probably like this in most discussions (online anyway) that you choose to be a part of. Your intent is clear. We all get that Czarcasm is someone’s antagonistic, condescending, online alter-ego, but you need a new outlet. I don’t know, maybe just go jerk off or lift cars in a parking lot or something, because your act is old here.

Just to be clear to anyone else who falls into this category, you are not going to get verified, unequivocal, proof of aliens. No verified photos of UFOs or aliens sitting around the card table. All you are going to get is MY OPINION.

I read one of these government conspiracy books, published in 2000. The last article was about the 1993 bombing, and conclusively demonstrated that fear of Osama bin Laden was misplaced and that the guy would never be a threat to anyone.

You had better upgrade your bullshit meter, my friend.

I also recommend you read a book (now out of print) called The Great Airship Mystery. In the 1890s there were multiple sightings of a mysterious airship all across the United States. Multiple people saw it, including policemen and respectable officials. There were even close encounters with the pilot - who was from New England. No aliens involved. In short, there was all the evidence then that there is for UFOs now - but there was no such airship.

Not to mention the question of why aliens would go to NASA in the first place. To conspiracy theorists NASA is very advanced, to aliens who can travel interstellar distances NASA is about at the level of a canoe maker. If they want someone with power, they can land at any military base.
Plus, why hide? I don’t know how long the OP things the aliens have been here, but if it has been since the late '40s why are they waiting around for governments to do something? They can fly their craft over the Superbowl some year and then everyone will know. (Assuming there isn’t a great play being run.)
If they want to stay hidden from us, they are doing a damn poor job of it.
I started reading about UFOs in 1962, and it soon became obvious they are nonsense, and each passing year reaffirms this conclusion.

Not asking for proof-just the “evidence” and “witnesses” you constantly bring up. If you quit bringing them up, I’ll quit bringing them up…but you aren’t getting any free passes here.

I think thisis what you are looking for.

You’ll just have to play with yourself.

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You don’t get to accuse people of trolling in this forum, and you don’t get to use personal insults. Knock it off.

ETA: Larry Borgia’s advice is worthwhile.

Somehow I can imagine Czarcasm doing a happy dance right now. :smack:

Well…it certainly made this thread hysterical.

I think most of the hysteria, if aliens made themselves known, would be among the elites out of fear of somehow losing their position and not the average person.

Imagine it’s the fifties. Every year, we get a couple photos of a UFO and maybe even a video on somebody;s 8mm Keystone. You think "Imagine the evidence mountain if a million people were walking around with cameras. Well, now its a Billion people with a high quality videocam literally in their hand, cocked and loaded, this minute as I write. Where’s the evidence?.